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Mr Todiwala's Petiscos

Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets
12/12/2020: Another enjoyable meal last night we really like the relaxed feel of eating here, Steve’s knowledge of Portuguese wine, the small dishes we had several to share, a couple of standouts Peixe Frito and Linguica sausage. We kicked off with Tapenade which we can highly recommend you can also buy it from them , they are open this Sunday as a shop.



Low Harrogate, Harrogate



Apsley and Corner Hall, Dacorum
10/12/2020: Wonderful service. Great Covid precautions and very well organised. Jay was very efficient and helpful. We look forward to returning for yet another "cheeeeeky Nandos"!


Nando's - Brighton Marina

Rottingdean Coastal, Brighton and Hove
02/02/2021: We visited Nandos in the Marina just before Christmas when the COVID rules were a little more relaxed and were relatively impressed with the social distancing guidelines in place. We used the track and trace system and it wasn't long before we could enter the restaurant for our reservation (we had to wait outside in our car until we received the notification on our phone). We got seated and were told we could remove our masks – however we would have to put them on to go to the bathroom, or leave the restaurant, which is fair enough and helps to keep things safe. We had to order and pay through our mobiles using a QR code. We were a table of 4 so it took a long time for everybody to look through the menu on the same phone and place there order. When we eventually did place our order, and pay – it took around 40 minutes for our food to come. When we asked the waiter why it took so long they mentioned that our order didn't reach their till system properly and it was only when we queried how much longer our food would be that they realised it was there. When the food arrived it was hot and delicious, typical Nandos style, you literally couldn't fault it. To be fair to the restaurant they did compensate us for the long wait by offering us a free dessert which of course we didn't turn down. Overall we enjoyed our visit and would visit again when things are back to normal!Instagram: @journeywithuss


Nando's - Portsmouth

St Thomas, Portsmouth
31/10/2020: Appalling service. Staff are rude and very short. Waited outside for an hour to be seated when the table they sat us on was empty the whole time we had sat outside. After about a ten min wait and some people receiving drinks we had to ask for the remaining drinks we paid for to be brought over 3 times before receiving them. When the food came after an hours wait it was freezing and had been sat on the side for a ages. We was only in a small group of 4. One member of the group did not receive their food at all and after asking twice to employees for the issue to be solved and still no feed back we waited another 20 mins and we called the manager. When she came over she stood there like a lemon for 5 minutes before apologising. After the long wait it was then 10pm after being seated at 8:30 and due to COVID the restaurant closed and the grills were turned off. will certainly not be going to this Nando’s again. Brilliant service from the McDonald’s on the way home though, quick, tasty and warm!!!
28/10/2020: As usual great food and service from Nando’s, last time we had Nando’s we were in Kuala Lumpa, slight issue with ordering food via there App, took 20 minutes to navigate and get it to work.


Nando's - Croydon, Valley Park

Broad Green, Croydon, 20-30£
27/12/2020: Had a delivery from this Nandos and it was very good...The packaging and presentation was a bit slap dash but the flavours were there.Nandos, like many popular fast foods only taste brilliant when sat inside.. food is fresh, tasty and the atmosphere adds to that..Hats off to the staff..
07/12/2020: Food was exceptional today and the staff were friendly, attentive and working hard (not standing about like you see in most places) Busy cleaning and attending to customers. Excellent


Nando's - Plymouth

Sutton and Mount Gould, Plymouth, 20-30£
15/03/2021: I've ordered a couple of times through Deliveroo now and it really is a hit and miss. Sometimes the food is decent and other times, the chips are very soggy and the chicken is dry. The food is not very consistent quality.
06/02/2021: There were items missing from our order this evening. We had ordered chicken pita chips and peas. We did not get the peas.



Hatfield Central, Welwyn Hatfield, <20£
16/10/2020: Soggy chips & lack lustre overheated chicken which tasted plain rather than medium - what a disappointment! Will travel to St Albans next time-we rarely get takeaways so a huge disappointment that our family treat was such a let down!


Nandos Chickenland

St David's, Exeter
09/01/2021: Delicious Food for a Saturday night home delivered in Lockdown. Nandos Chicken, The Masked Singer and The Voice ...all washed down with Sauvignon Blanc.
17/12/2020: Disappointed - family meal at Nando’s post lockdown. Service was very poor , food was served cold and then reheated in microwave after complaining . Staff appeared to have no direction or structure . Manageress was very rude and flippant . Would not bother returning , plenty of better restaurants in Exeter .



Eastleigh Central, Eastleigh
09/01/2021: We waited 37 minutes past our time slot that we were given. Other order numbers that were after ours were served before us. No apology! If southampton take away was not available I would not visit this Nando’s. The service is slow, poor and no apology. There is no order or organisation. People who had later collection times were served before us .Brett was Rude and did not bother to apologise. Worst Nando’s ever ! Don’t bother going there
04/12/2020: I like this place, I’m now a regular customer here and I can say the service is really touch and go.One guy who is really friendly young lad who takes pride in organising the team, your food and specially delivering good customer service. But one guy really put me off he just dumped my takeaway in my bag no customer service, I was totally disgusted with him, and he’s kind of scruffy and didn’t show any happiness! But there’s a lady who takes pride in her work during the evenings, she deserves a reward she actually cares specially through this pandemic meeting customers by the door or sometime they allow you in to collect. I will go again but I’ll avoid the scruffy careless guy if I can. The rest of the team well done and thanks Food quality spot on I like it!



Clarendon, Warwick
17/02/2021: Ordered earlier in the day and got there to find that they had "lost" our order. They then made it for us in about 15 minutes which is fine but got home and they had got the order wrong. Utterly useless, would hate to think what it'd be like if they were busy. There are plenty of other slightly less overpriced staple food takeaways we'll be trying from now on.
15/11/2020: We order regularly from Nando's. Its one of our favourites as a family. However the food and service is always hit and miss. Sometimes its delicious and prepared well and we receive all the items we order. However on three occasion in the last few weeks we had several items missing from our order when it arrived. Whilst we can receive a refund via the Deliveroo app, I just don't think this is good enough. We called up the restaurant and spoke to Pete the manager who offered us a free platter meal. Whilst this is very kind and we were grateful, we want the staff to get the orders right so we can pay for what we order. When things are so difficult at the moment for restaurants, I would expect Nando's to be going above and beyond for their customers. This is simply just not the case, nor are they getting the basics right.

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Peri-Peri Original

Aylesbury Central, Aylesbury Vale

Not rated

Go Peri

St Paul's, Cheltenham
13/12/2020: This place used to be good, went there weekly, but it’s gone down the pan now. Portion sizes are absolutely terrible, picture attached was a double wrap apparently and the chips were cold
11/12/2020: Overall the food is quite nice and we visit this takeout once every couple of weeks, however recently the delivery times have been taking longer and longer and also the portions have been reduced for some items.Never had an issue with the quality of food.Also to add; food is halal.

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