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Mr Todiwala's Petiscos

Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets
12/12/2020: Another enjoyable meal last night we really like the relaxed feel of eating here, Steve’s knowledge of Portuguese wine, the small dishes we had several to share, a couple of standouts Peixe Frito and Linguica sausage. We kicked off with Tapenade which we can highly recommend you can also buy it from them , they are open this Sunday as a shop.


Nando's - Croydon, Valley Park

Broad Green, Croydon, 20-30£
27/12/2020: Had a delivery from this Nandos and it was very good...The packaging and presentation was a bit slap dash but the flavours were there.Nandos, like many popular fast foods only taste brilliant when sat inside.. food is fresh, tasty and the atmosphere adds to that..Hats off to the staff..
07/12/2020: Food was exceptional today and the staff were friendly, attentive and working hard (not standing about like you see in most places) Busy cleaning and attending to customers. Excellent

Not rated

Nando's Stratford

Stratford and New Town, Newham
24/12/2020: Very rude and unapologetic customer service by Maria(buddy). I have requested to speak to a manager but no manager came to phone to sort out the issue. I have expressed chicken was old and dry but Maria said you can not prove that the chicken is old. Who says that to a customer, am I in a court of law that there will be a forensic examiner who I can request to examine your dead chicken. In our chicken wrap there was whole lettuce root inside the wrap. Looks like nobody cares. I have ordered a delivery service but Maria wanted me to go to Stratford nando's which is 3 miles form my house to get a half chicken replacement and come back to my house another 3 miles and eat that half chicken with my cold side orders.
30/10/2020: The rubbish service started when we were first met and told that the wait would be 5 minutes.. I suppose I assumed that the long line of people were waiting for takeaway but they were not.. But even after waiting 25 minutes I wasn't cross, we were led to a table. What then happened was another 25 minutes of trying to make an order with their app. My phone didn't seem to have internet access at all and for 10 minutes I watched the wheel turn around connecting to nothing. Finally got to making an account but couldn't get the system to find where we were. Gave up when we discovered my friend had better internet access. With her we made it to selecting food but when she couldn't remember her password for her existing account, she reset it and the system took her out and lost our order etc. Anyway, by this time we had been at the restaurant for 50 minutes, people next to us had their food and finished it and we hadn't even ordered. No one seemed to care we were having trouble. Decided to leave and never come back. Such a pity a waiter couldn't just take our order. The system assumes that the wi-fi is good and it is not.

Not rated


Hanworth Park, Hounslow, <20£

Not rated

Nando's Kilburn

Kilburn, Camden, 20-30£
09/11/2020: I went to pick up some food and all the employees were chatting and ignoring me, after a 10 minutes wait somebody finally acknowledged me and gave me my food that had been sitting there ready all the while, plus not even one of the employees was wearing a mask

Not rated

Nando's - Catford

Rushey Green, Lewisham

Not rated

Nandos Chickenland

Fulham Broadway, Hammersmith and Fulham

Not rated

Nando's - Islington

St Mary's, Islington, >100£

Not rated

Nando's - Ilford

Clementswood, Redbridge, 20-30£

Not rated

Nando's - Cardinal Place

St James's, City of London,Westminster, 20-30£

Not rated

Nando's - Beckton

Beckton, Newham
19/03/2021: Today I ordered a family platter plus extra sides from home. The delivery was certainly prompt, the delivery driver gave me my order. However, upon receiving the order, I noticed that he gave me only one bag of food and this was small, considering that I ordered a platter. I opened it and 60% of my order was missing. I looked at the top corner of the bag and it was marked “2 of 2”. I realised that Nando’s had actually given the driver two bags, however the driver only gave me one bag. We drove to the branch we ordered from, explained the situation to them and showed them the receipt. The staff were very empathetic and they showed us evidence that two bags were given to the driver. It turns out that the driver actually stole half of my order. They contacted the driver to clarify things and the restaurant is currently dealing with him and will have him suspended. Nando’s compensated us with free food on top of the food I already paid for. Lots of food. Moral of the story is if your order is missing, drive down to the restaurant so they can have it sorted for you. There unfortunately is a sweeping epidemic of shameless drivers stealing customers’ food. I’ve dined at this branch for a very long time anyways, they’ve always offered good service, but I’m very pleased with how they handled the situation.
06/03/2021: Ordered online for a family birthday celebration. Food was ready for collection at the time stated and on arrival we were provided with an abundance of sauces etc. The gentleman who served us at collection went out of his way to ensure we were delighted. I am only sorry that I didn't get his name otherwise I would be happy to give him a shout out!

Not rated

Mad Coffee Bar & Delicatessen

Sutton Central, Sutton
29/12/2020: The service before and during covid restrictions had been impeccable. The staff are attentive and professional. The cosy and friendly atmosphere is comfortable and appealing. Lots to chose from but we generally select our regular choices with confidence knowing they will be hot and delicious.Have eaten here for years.Have used take away more so recently and occasional late weekend breakfasts remain a treat. I cannot fault this place, it is a true local treasure.I can’t wait To return after this most recent lockdown.

Not rated

Nando's Chicken Restaurant

Hounslow Central, Hounslow

Not rated


Greenhill, Harrow

Not rated

Nando's Streatham

Streatham Wells, Lambeth, 20-30£
26/02/2021: I ordered my food on deliveroo at 7pm tonight and by 09:30 pm it still hadn’t arrived. No contact,information or apologies from the restaurant. Take far too long to prepare the food
20/10/2020: Just wanted to say how great one of your staff members is! Not sure his name but he looks like the manager of the Streatham high road branch (white shirt). I went there last night (Monday) and he was just completely on the ball. Checking on everything from tables to drinks to the till to the kitchen and keeping all his staff in line and busy. I even saw him stop my plate at the pass as the chicken didn‘t look quite right and get a new piece put on. I haven’t been to Nando’s for over a year cause I always felt like it was a bit rubbish but honestly had the best Nando’s ever last night and am now converted back again!! Great work to the manager and the food was actually amazing and perfectly cooked! Will definitely be back to this branch! :)

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