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The best restaurantsof portuguese in London

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Mr Todiwala's Petiscos

Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets
13/06/2020: Lockdown takeaway treat now that Mr Todiwalla’s has re-opened. We ordered a few curries, some rice, and a few other items for 2. The curry dishes had complex and interesting spicing - a step above your average Saturday night curry. The level of heat was slightly higher than expected, but didn’t detract at all from the flavour. Highlight for me was the cod fritter. Lots of cod, and a good texture. Not greasy in the slightest. Would highly recommend, and we’re looking forward to a visit for an eat-in feast when that becomes possible again.
12/06/2020: Great takeaway this evening, peri peri chicken thighs are amazing as were the spicy potatoes, quick prompt service thanks Steve and Essie 😘


Nando's - Cardinal Place

St James's, City of London,Westminster, 20-30£
13/03/2020: 5 ordered. 4 ate.i waited 30 minutes then had to get a refund as my lunch hour was finishing. Very poor service.
29/02/2020: I went to collect an order I made online I was messaged and assure my order was ready before I left. I only live 5mins sway with a walk. On arriving there the queue was only a couple of people long, they were dining in. I waited for thirty minutes, that’s right THIRTY MINUTES. In a queue to COLLECT My meal. Not because it was not ready but because the woman working the till was just awful at her job. My evening I spent in that queue I saw two chicken orders returned with one lemon and herb that had extra hot tooth pick in and another with the same issue. Clearly the cashier needs further till training as she is not competent. To sum it up my food I watched for THIRTY MINUTES sat under the lights to only when returning home the steak was dry as well as cold along with my meal. Never going anywhere near here again!!!


Nando's Stratford

Stratford and New Town, Newham
08/06/2020: Love coming here to eat with my family and friends, the portions are always big and 10x better than the Stratford in the shopping centre, the seating arrangements are great when the restaurant is quiet but it feels like you are literally eating with another family when it is busy. I love seeing the same staff, they are fast and really nice!
25/02/2020: Had dinner here and the food was great, Nandos is always very reliable, however the service wasn't amazing.



Hanworth Park, Hounslow, <20£
04/05/2020: We visit occasionally, Tables need a good wipe down, very busy on a weekend, waiters want you to leave asap, as soon as they spot a plate empty they are hovering around you picking up plates etc.. makes you feel rushed overall food is good. Weekdays are quietest but the chicken didnt seem freshly cooked?
22/02/2020: Just paid a visit to this restaurant after an extremely long drive. Was informed that there was a 40 minute wait. That was ok. I asked if it was ok if we were to go onto Wetherspoons for a drink (all but next door) and come back within that time and was met with the response of don't be intoxicated. To which we replied we were only having one drink. Had only one already at this point. Decided out of fear to not leave and proceeded to buy drinks inside. Coffee was the norm as we were made to feel bad about alcohol. I did however have a bottle of their own Portuguese beer. I asked the doorman name which he refused and went outside for a cigarette with a friend. He followed me out and refused me entry. Wouldn't clarify why. Drunk.people were entering after. Obviously had far more to drink than us. But these people were of the same origin as the doorman. The manager did give us a table but the mood had changed and we decided to leave. When confronted we said we were maid to feel small and believe the attitude of the doorman was racist seeing as that he let in numerous people if his own race that were certainly in a more intoxicated condition as us. The manager (manaj Rai) then had a go at me for saying that it was wrong for me to mention the word racist. Unbelievable. We left and walked 1 KM to another food outlet with an 83 year old man.Disgraceful


Nando's - Ilford

Clementswood, Redbridge, 20-30£
08/02/2020: Was an ok restaurant, waited 10 minutes for a table which isn’t too bad. Food came out pretty quickly. However the waitress didn’t seem to have a clue what was going wrong and tried to give us the wrong food.
07/10/2019: El restaurante está muy bien,buenos precios,eso sí hay que pedir en barra,lo ideal es que una de las camareras es española,nos ha aconsejado en todo momento,ha estado pendiente de que estemos cómodos,hemos ido varias veces.los postres riquisimos


Nando's - Wandsworth

Southfields, Wandsworth
07/01/2020: We stopped in here as we were staying in a hotel opposite. The staff were friendly and professional. Food was hot, delicious and great value. Kids really liked the bottomless drinks.
03/09/2019: Telephoned for a cheeky takeaway, our order was quickly made and cake our very hot, tasty meal and good value for money!



Greenhill, Harrow
22/01/2018: If you love eating chicken, then this the place to visit. The atmosphere too good for either lunch or dinner.
12/01/2018: Ordered in restaurant and waited for collection which was fairly fast but the portions are tiny compared to what you get when you eat in which is disappointing as I’m paying the same as I would if I sat in the restaurant! My portion of macho peas and super grains was so small they may as well not have bothered! Very disappointing!



Stanmore Park, Harrow
08/02/2020: Perfect place for a chicken meal. A limited menu means that the food is always fresh. I love Peri Peri sauce and grilled chicken so Nando's fits the bill.
15/12/2019: The tone was set as we were shown a table which was just being wiped, there was food all on the floor and the benches covered in bits of food. They attempted to sweep the floor and I asked for the benches to be cleaned which led to one of the staff brushes a small area with his hand!!! I felt sick before I even looked at the rank menus. If I'd done a bacteria swab test on any part of the seat, table or menu I'd have hated to see the results!On the basis when we were seated no one told us it was Self ordering (wouldn't have taken much being our first (and last!!) visit to a Nando's) so that wasted 15min sitting there. The food was average and hot certainly not that hot.To top it all I asked for a jug of water for the table and was told it was just bottled, took a bottle which when I opened was sparkling!Genuine won't part with my money again in a Nachos.........



Aldersgate,Cheap, City of London,Westminster
20/02/2020: Locale carino e con bella musica, pollo buono e ben cotto. Sapori portoghesi mai assaggiati e veramente buoni
27/12/2019: Ordered the butterfly chicken with peri salted chips. Received dry overcooked chicken with plain chips. Made the supervisor Carlos aware of the chips as we never tasted the chicken at this point and he looked muttered something and walked away. Never bringing the peri salt so we could put it on ourselves. Seen the state of the chicken so spoke to a waiter called Claudio who was obliging to go and speak to someone to sort this out. He came back and asked if we would like to replace the meal. Obviously we did! We swapped the butterfly chicken for boneless thighs which were much more juicy. The supervisor Carlos came back with the replacement meal and just dumped the plate down without uttering a word of apology. Wonderful management team you have here Nandos! Claudio even came back and asked if everything was ok. Shouldn't a supervisor do that?? Poor customer service sadly from one person.


Nando's - Croydon, Valley Park

Broad Green, Croydon, 20-30£
23/02/2020: I eat at Nandos at least three times a week. After gym sessions for lunch or with my children weekends. A new Nandos in Colonnades Ibhave been eating there regularly. Bruno the cook is great and some of the young girls who try their best to serve you well. My last visit I was made to feel so uncomfortable it ruined my day! I was accompanied by my friend and we both children too. We usually wait by the door to be seated however no one was there so I waited by the till to ask a member of staff, I asked the manager who was very abrupt, cut her eye at me and told me to wait! She then took her time walked away from the till area and told me a table number by this time a queue had formed to the till on my left and I was next to be served, i was then told to rejoin the queue to my left that now had 5 people waiting in a line, I wouldn't have minded so much but she sniggered saying “Everyone knows about queues in London?” How is that a relevant comment? she was just so horrible. My friend came over to order and asked me if I was ok and I sighed explaining I’m now having to Join this new queue,two random customers let me me go before them as they confirmed I was first in line.. Then the manager looked at me and said “anyone need serving” in a sarcastic manner. I could not believe the level of customer service, I was in shock how the experience was getting worst by the minute. She then started being rude to my friend when he was talking to me, she came across passive aggressive with comments like “have you got a problem?” I couldn’t believe my ears at this point?The manager was rude and has a lot of attitude. She couldn’t cope with the restaurant that day and her staffing issues clearly - taking her aggression out on the customers. One bloke who stood beside me said “what kind of place is this?” He too had to follow me to rejoin a different queue - it was an awful experience to say the least. In my honest opinion if you really don’t like dealing with members of public in an appropriate manner and dislike your job, maybe it’s time to find a new job that’s suits you better and matches your expectations better. I will never let her serve me again, absolutely disgusting customer service skills. How she became a team leader is beyond me!
07/12/2019: We usually live Nandos, butvthis was horrible. Chicken chewy and under cooked, chips were awful too. Won't be going back to the Valley Park branch anytime soon!

Not rated

Nando's Kilburn

Kilburn, Camden, 20-30£
12/02/2020: It’s the best Nando’s, for the first time ever my starter didn’t come with my mains. Really polite staff, nice music nothing too loud or crazy. Really nice restaurant, clean & chic
07/12/2019: Nunca reciben mi pedido de Deliveroo correctamente. Es vergonzoso cuántas veces necesito llamar al servicio al cliente de Deliveroo para quejarme. Solo sugeriría llamar al restaurante una vez que el pedido haya pasado para asegurarse de que no estropeen su pedido, pero tampoco puedo garantizarle eso. Las solicitudes son muy simples, nada complicado. Ordeno con este Nandos porque está más cerca de mi casa; de lo contrario, siempre elegiría uno en West Hampstead o Finchley Rd. Alguien tiene que arreglar esta rama y hacer que los gerentes revisen cada pedido o incluso mejor: ¡capacite al personal! No es tan difícil.

Not rated

Nando's - Catford

Rushey Green, Lewisham
07/09/2019: Asistió a la comida familiar. El personal nos atendió bien (mesa para cuatro adultos y cinco niños).No ha pasado mucho tiempo, así que olvidé que teníamos que conseguir nuestros propios cubiertos, salsas, bebidas, etc.La comida llegó razonablemente rápido, pero todo terminó con hambre después de la carne y por los dos lados, así que pedí más 'rellenos': papas fritas / pan de ajo (que no era muy sabroso).El restaurante era increíblemente ruidoso en general, pero no estaba seguro de qué podían hacer al respecto. Los inodoros podrían haber terminado con el control (muchas visitas con niños, y claramente no se había realizado ninguna limpieza).En general, una noche promedio, con comidas sabrosas, pero no particularmente abundantes. No me quedé para el postre.
24/01/2019: How clean ! Polite service ! Best Nando s out ! Especially a young man , Mahmoud who really does justice to the saying ,’service with a smile !’

Not rated

Nandos Chickenland

Fulham Broadway, Hammersmith and Fulham
13/06/2020: Après avoir été déçu par un autre Nando' l'an passé, nous avons décidé d'aller à celui-là.Bon, la cuisine c'est pareil (c'est une chaîne) mais celui-ci est propre et le personnel adorable.
15/03/2020: dont come here, you will be berated and made fun of THE WORST PART IS THAT THE MANEGER DOSENT CARE. Call the patrao. QUERO FALAR COM O PATRAO. 0/10 would not come back

Not rated

Nando's - Islington

St Mary's, Islington, >100£
02/02/2020: Very poor customer service all the table dirty, waitress only chatting between them. Apart of that food was very good, but I would be order some coffe or dessert if they would suggested.
02/01/2020: Utter filth my chicken burger tryed eating disgusting this was a takeaway the chicken burger was the best thing chips and corn went straight in the bin

Not rated

Nando's - Beckton

Beckton, Newham
30/12/2019: Last saturday I went to Nandos Beckton (Gallions Reach), we were welcomed warmly and promised to get our table ready. It was ready within 20 minutes and in the next 10 minutes the orders were taken. The food was served with a highest quality! Thanks to Nandos Beckton (Gallions Reach) staff!
13/12/2019: Hoy exactamente a las 7: 18 pm Yo, mi esposa y nuestros 2 niños, y el más joven con solo 5 años de edad que es autista, llegamos a Nandos Beckton, estaba ocupado, sin embargo, el miembro del personal que nos recibió como gerente de la entrada para sentarnos en la mesa 2 dentro de 10 minutos de tiempo de espera, exactamente a las 7:38 pm Hora de recepción, hice nuestro pedido de comida y me senté a esperar nuestra comida, AHORA sucedió lo desafortunado que tuvimos que esperar exactamente 50 - 52 minutos para nuestra comida no es normal, otras personas se sentaron después de que nosotros recibimos su comida al menos 10-15 minutos antes que nosotros, el nombre del miembro del personal que llegó con nuestra comida, su nombre es JOVITA, aparentemente es la gerente de la sucursal, cuando Expresé nuestra frustración, ella respondió groseramente diciendo que estaba ocupado y que no esperábamos que nuestra comida llegara en 10 a 15 minutos, y ni siquiera estaba dispuesta a escuchar nuestras preocupaciones de que tuvimos que esperar tan anormalmente, comparó un 10 minuto de espera con una espera de 50 minutos como si fuera normal, incluso ofende rojo para que ella esperara y detuviera su actitud brusca para mostrarle el tiempo de nuestro pedido de recibos, pero no estaba interesada en escucharme en absoluto y, en cambio, comenzó a patrocinarme diciendo que nuestra comida se está enfriando ahora, cuanto más hablamos de este retraso , esto no es lo mejor del servicio al cliente y ciertamente no se esperaba de un GERENTE de una sucursal, ella habló conmigo de manera displicente, en última instancia, no sentimos que nosotros, como familia / clientes que pagaban, recibiéramos el trato correcto, nos trataron MALO y después de 15 minutos, ni siquiera terminamos nuestra comida y decidimos irnos, JOVITA volvió a nuestra mesa y nuevamente fue grosero con nosotros nuevamente y se negó a resolver, y no estaba dispuesto a ofrecer ninguna resolución, mientras todo esto sucedía, otra familia estaba sentada en la mesa 1, que llegó después que nosotros, recibimos su comida en 15-20 minutos, me mostraron su recibo y me dejaron tomar una foto, también se quejaron de que su pedido llegó mal y tuvieron que enviar los artículos a recibir los correctos, es aparente en esta rama, los errores están sucediendo claramente a expensas de los clientes. Me sentí absolutamente despreciada. Frente a mi familia y otras personas que comían a mi alrededor por JOVITA, ella se ocupó de la situación absolutamente equivocada, y su servicio al cliente era extremadamente pobre, soy local. y Live local, y mi negocio es local para esta sucursal y ciertamente compartiré esto con todas las personas que conozco, no es así como los miembros / miembros / gerentes de STAFF JOVITA de toda una sucursal de Nandos deben tratar, atender o tratar con los clientes . Nos fuimos descontentos, no terminamos nuestra comida y nos trataron con desdén. Lo que surgió de JOVITA fue arrogancia y sacismo, características que de todos modos no se aceptan en las relaciones / servicios con los clientes. Realmente decepcionado aquí. He agregado una foto de nosotros en la sucursal esta noche, de nosotros tristemente esperando tanto tiempo para que llegue nuestra comida mientras observamos a otros que llegaron después de que nosotros recibiéramos su comida, una decepción total por parte de nandos y, lo más importante, una decepción total por parte del Gerente JOVITA de nuevo realmente decepcionado aquí.

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