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Table Table: The Beeches

Gresford East and West, Wrexham
29/05/2021: Had a great evening at the Beeches. Felt totaly safe with covid measures in place. Our server Claire was lovely and helpful reccomending dishes when we couldn't decide. Food was delish would reccomend a visit.
26/05/2021: We went out to the beeches for a family dinner. We had a lovely time, food was excellent and we had fantastic service from Kat. Would definitely go again.


The Harbour - Table Table

Menai (Caernarfon), Gwynedd, >100£
02/06/2021: I’ve eaten at this establishment a couple of times before but I’ve never had a hamburger. I will have to tell you that being from California, I am a hamburger connoisseur. This was one of the best hamburgers I’ve had in the UK since moving here 4 years ago. The staff was very good and it was a nice day to have lunch outside. I would definitely suggest you go by and try one of the burgers.
29/05/2021: Visited purely for the veggie sausages in the giant Yorkshire pudding as we are both vegetarians. Got there to be told that there was no vegetarian sausages 10 minutes after ordering. We asked if we could still have the Yorkshire’s etc without the 3 sausages at a discounted rate as there wasn’t really anything else we wanted but couldn’t justify spending £20 on two Yorkshire puddings and some potatoes/stuffing. The waitress just said “no” bluntly without even going to ask which was a shame. We ended up ordering a couple of sides as we were starving but due to the lack of willingness to help we didn’t feel to order anything of substance (fries and £5 for two tiny pieces of garlic bread) . For the rest of the meal the waitress was bizarre, standing at the end of the table not saying anything anytime she came over to give us the drinks, food or bill. It made us feel uncomfortable. When we were leaving she also walked directly past us and didn’t say anything. Rude. Didn’t get her name but was petite and had long curly brown hair. Wouldn’t recommend or come back purely for service, can’t really comment on food as didn’t get that far.


Bengal Dynasty Tandoori Restaurant

Gogarth, Conwy, 20-30£
18/04/2021: Was disappointed as we had items forgotten from the delivery order - had to call up again and waited for a second delivery. Sadly the food was bland and re heated and the rice was cold. Over 6 of us ordered and nothing stood out - wouldn't use again.
23/03/2021: Asked for a onion bhaji, chicken bhuna + pilau rice with garlic naan, first time ordering from here too and what can I say, pretty solid meal overall :) will be getting from here again, a lot of negative reviews so I hope this isn't a one off since if the quality is as it was this time around then I will definitely be ordering from here again.Only thing I could say is that the onion bhaji was a little dry and tasted as if it had been cooked on a prior date and heated up again a day or so later, though it was quite nice aside from the texture. Very good meal for the price point, £13! Not bad.


Spice Bank

Criccieth, Gwynedd
28/05/2021: The food I had was really nice and better than other Indian restaurants in the area. Lovely light crispy onion bhaji. Soft tender flavoursome seekh kebab. Tandori prawns good too. Chicken saag was just how I like it. Nice thick green sauce. Chicken good too. I would go back here again. I must add this was a takeaway at 630pm ish and it was quiet inside.
24/05/2021: We ate here a couple of times while on a golf trip. The staff were hilarious, really friendly and had a laugh with us. The food was absolutely brilliant, we wish we had a curry house like this near to us! Try the Chicken Naga, packs a punch but so, so tasty



Taste of India

Cadnant, Isle of Anglesey
22/05/2021: Fab evening with friends! Food was superb and the staff were very attentive. Most definitely worth a visit!
08/05/2021: On a staycation and went to this takeaway based on the reviews however this was the worst takeaway i have ever ordered. The order arrived wrong and when we called to try and rectify this we were basically told “we are too busy what do you want me to do about it?” We said we would send all the food back for a full refund , this was ignored , he told us we could “go and fetch it if we want it”. The food that did come was cold, the chicken was tough ( clearly reheated ) and the sauce was greasy. Iv never experienced such bad customer service , I work in a customer based environment and if I told a customer “we are too busy” for an excuse for poor service it just would not be acceptable. Not one alternative or solution was provided and therefore I would not recommend this place at all.

Not rated

Ambia Indian & Bangladeshi Takeaway

Queensferry, Flintshire
18/02/2021: tried takeaway for the first and last time, portions where good, quality was awful.lamb tikka meat was disgusting every piece chewy full of gristle and the sauces where very basic very little taste or no tastepilau rice looked like somebody had chucked multiple food colouring over it.for the reviews that say best in the area all i can say is there must be some pretty crap takeaways in the area to consider this the best!!

Not rated

Lacky's Bangla Fusion

Dyserth, Denbighshire
13/03/2021: I used to visit here a lot, gave up on deliveries they are 5 miles away and it took them 90 mins to deliver. Had chicken vindaloo and waited for it, they had cooked it within minutes, took it home swimming in grease, so drained that away and tucked in. Totally tasteless, 2 chefs id never seen before, no vindaloo kick was a bog standard vesta curry, gave benefit of doubt returned again same result, a sad excuse for a curry house which used to be amazing, never again
10/02/2021: Well where do I start! Firstly, this place is very well laid out for the current pandemic and social distancing, staff are amazingly polite and friendly. Food is just amazing! They cater amazingly for allergies as my partner is Diary, Gluten and Nut intolerance very helpful and understanding. Thank you Bangla fusion

Not rated


Flint Trelawny, Flintshire

Not rated

Asha Balti House

Crwst, Conwy
10/06/2021: Staying up in the wilds of Snowdonia and fancied a take away on the Saturday night. Trundled down to llanrwst and found this place. Didn't look much on the outside and quite a limited menu. Placed an order for 12 people - £130, which didn't seem too bad. Waited an hour for the food, which again felt reasonable for the size of the order and also that it was Saturday night. Went to pick up, kitchen is on full view so you can see the chefs hard at work, watched the guy cooking our naan bread so knew it was fresh. Staff were very friendly and efficient. Onto the food, it was delicious. Freshly cooked, really good flavour, good heat when required. Good vegetarian dishes and tender lamb curries. Fluffy lovely naan breads.... all good and plenty of food. So if you're up in llanrwst or thereabouts don't hesitate to try this. You won't be disappointed
03/06/2021: We had a amazing take away. I always try Chicken Dansak in a new curry house as it is my favourite and it allows me a benchmark, this was one of the best. We also had a chicken Jalfrazi, Nan bread and onion bhaji and it was truly delicious.

Not rated


Shotton East, Flintshire
27/02/2021: I hope this message goes out to the owners of spice in Aston hill. Me and my partner ordered a takeaway from here and got told it would be an hour or so, so we drove there to pick it up and 35mins later we are still sat in the car. My partner ordered a chicken korahi in all my life working in the restaurant industry I myself is from Bangladesh never eaten such a korahi that is soo tasteless and red. It's artificial colour and it's not good for people's health. I orderd a chicken dish again it was just full of colour and bland. If you look on all their curries everything seems to be red. And why on earth do you get mushrooms in a chicken korahi what if my partner was allergic to mushrooms. Guys overall double check what your eating because all that fancy red colour is not good for you and I know this because I have worked in restaurnts all my life. And last but not least I wouldn't mind waiting two hours for a takeaway but your food is very boring to look at and absolutely tasteless. So tell Ur chefs to stop running round like headless chickens and study how to make a real chicken dish.
14/02/2021: Can a manager respond to my messages which was sent through the spices website x3 from 4 weeks ago re 3 hour wait order

Not rated

Not rated

Paanshee Restaurant

Prestatyn North, Denbighshire
28/03/2021: Usually good food but very disappointed with the meal this time. Starter and Nan breads were cold. 😕
18/03/2021: Always great tasty food and great service. A relaxed atmosphere and really professional food. We've never had a bad meal here.

Not rated

Black Peppers

Offa, Wrexham
28/04/2021: Yesterday I took my friend out to look for an outfit for her son's wedding. To thank me she ordered a takeaway from the Black Peppers Indian, Wrexham. We have been to the restaurant many times before COVID and not had a takeaway for a long, long time. We ordered a Pasander and garlic rice, initially there was confusion as to delivery because the bill was 20p short of £15 and they would not deliver until the bill came to £15 so my friend order a starter to cover to excess and that was over £15. Now around £18.75. We were told it would be an hour and she had booked her take for an hour and half after that due delivery time. Yes the food was late, the driver had no idea where we were and by this time we started to get a bit upset as we were both very hungry after a full day out and the taxi that was booked was due in 45 mins time. The phone rang, it was the driver, I personally gave him very detailed directions to my flat, still he could not find us. We had to physically go down the stairs, onto the street to look for him. Eventually he realised who we were and drove up, not to the place we were standing but around the corner and we had to chase after him. When we caught up with him, my friend ... who was very angry by now said that she thought he should give us a discount for all the hassle we had had with that meal and he refused and said he would take the food back if we did not pay in full. I got the food out the car and she paid. Then he proceeded to argue with us over the situation when I said that if he didn't know the area he should not be driving for the restaurant and that it would not be an issue in the future as I was not ever going to use this restaurant again. It is the first takeaway I have had since Jan last year (2020) because of the pandemic and prob the last for a long, long time now. Thank you Black Peppers for ruining what was a really good day till I ordered that meal, the meal was awful anyway, the meat was like a brick and didn't taste very nice either so we binned half the food esp as the taxi turned up almost as soon as we had finished eating. If they don't change their attitude towards their customers they will not have a business if this continues. The driver was very rude and being threatened to have the food taken back to the restaurant is not what you expect or chasing a taxi all over the town to retrieve the food either. Not good and as the Title of this review says Never Again! It is a shame as I always enjoyed meals there in the past.
19/02/2021: We had an expensive take away from here and were very disappointed. I thought maybe I’d caught covid asThe madras was so flavourless but my partner said exactly the same about his balti . It was spicy but absolutely no flavour ! Watery bland and cold . I did send a fb message to say how disappointed we were but never heard back . We won’t be going back and they didn’t even have the decency to message me back .

Not rated

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