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Kims Mini Meals

Southside / Newington, Edinburgh, City of, <20£


Chick and Beers

West Barnes, Merton
25/08/2020: Great fried chicken, and good service. Quite enjoyable actually! But the room acoustics were very poor. These might be fine for 25-year-olds (apparently young people don’t mind rather noisy restaurants), but for people closer to 40 or with sensitive hearing this place might not provide the greatest atmosphere. A bit of acoustic room treatment, for not too much money, would make a considerable difference. Also, staff might feel less exhausted after a busy evening shift...
18/06/2020: Fantastic service, we've ordered a few times but one night they didn't do one of the sides we liked they tried contact us and even sent a text message to follow up and replaced us with extra drinks to apologise for not having the starters available top service, and when ordered next time they were so busy but still found a way to accommodate us, on top of this the food is really good as well as the service highly recommend this place!!!


Sarangchae Korean Restaurant

St Ann's, Nottingham
01/04/2020: Great service. Amazing korean food and clearly labelled vegetarian, vegan dishes. Best korean in Nottingham !



West End, City of London,Westminster
31/08/2020: Very low quality meat (e.g. cut up hot dogs when the manu says sausage, cheap processed hams). However, the prices are quite low.
25/08/2020: One of my favourite restaurant in London. Great food and service especially manager Shin. Highly recommend! Will come back!


Spicy Grill

Childs Hill, Barnet
16/05/2020: Would not Order! Worst takeaway I have had pulled a massive piece of fat out my chicken burger the hot wings was pale as anything and had no batter on the fillets was pale and looked disgusting the chips was also rank! The kebabs are good but anything else is disgusting


Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant

Central, Liverpool
10/08/2020: Disappointed. We ordered two dishes marked as vegetarian on the menu (veg. kimchi pancake and veg. omelette), explained to the staff that I was a vegetarian so it was important that the dishes are for vegetarians. Turns out the omelette had seafood in it, we call the staff to show them the seafood: their response is to deny that it is not vegetarian. Thankfully my friend is Korean and explains them about Korean food/ingredients (weird thing to do in a Korean food restaurant, I don't think the customers are supposed to do that). The staff was not Korean so that could be an excuse for not knowing what is in the food, but the fact they tried to claim we were lying does not help their case. Finally, the staff took the bespoke seafood omelette to the chef to confirm whether it was vegetarian or not. After 10 minutes they come back with a new omelette that is put on the table without further explaining. Needless to say that in the meantime I have lost my appetite as I've been a vegetarian all my life and have just eaten seafood. Furthermore, how do I trust that the pancake was vegetarian as well? I just want to get out and drink some coffee to forget about it. I decide however, not to pay for the omelette as I did not order it, no-one offered some kind of gesture of goodwill and I no point did I see any sympathy. At the cash point I discover that the staff expects me to pay for it, or at least the new one they brought me without asking if I wanted it. To make a long story short I denied paying for it (still paid for the other dishes though) and am very disappointed about this experience. I presume it is okay to go there if you are not a vegetarian, but I have seen quite a few reviews about customers getting the wrong dishes, so I suppose that is a risk you have to take going there.


The Japanese Canteen

Dalston, Hackney

Not rated


Beverley, Kingston upon Thames

Not rated


Cabot, Bristol, City of

Not rated


Haggerston, Hackney

Not rated

Clay Pot '' Asian Street Foods''

Callowland, Watford

Not rated


Town, Hammersmith and Fulham

Not rated

You Me Korean Restaurant

St James, Kingston upon Thames
19/07/2020: Great food and very friendly service! Thank you for a lovely experience and we’ll definitely be back! :)

Not rated

Korea Garden

Beverley, Kingston upon Thames

Not rated


Marshfield, Newport

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