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St Thomas, Portsmouth
28/02/2021: Just when lockdown was all getting a bit much a fantastic takeaway from HUIS cheered us all up. Fantastic quality food (oh my those meatballs) and great service. We always enjoy the food when we visit and it was great to see the same high standards in takeaway. Can’t recommend enough. You get a discount if you order direct from their website.
21/02/2021: Huis is without a doubt mine and my wife's favourite restaurant in Portsmouth. The food is not cheap in any sense of the word but reasonably priced, and, more importantly, made with care, attention and maybe a little bit of love.Even in lockdown, home delivery, while not giving quite the same experience, is still amazing. The attention to detail and superb customer service make this the premier place to get good quality food in Portsmouth. Outstanding.


Einstein Bier Haus

Riverside, Liverpool
12/02/2021: The new year has brought new hope, the 15 million jabs given out means the beginning of the end of this dreadful pandemic is in sight ,before the 3rd national lockdown descended I was in Liverpool City Centre, visited Concert Square which looked so sad ,hardly any of the normally bouncing pubs,bars and restaurants open ,Einstein Bier Haus is a particular favourite of mine, love the pub,staff and atmosphere, at the moment its closed like all other hospitality establishments throughout the UK ,had so many great visits here and fingers crossed will be enjoying a big German beer in here soon and soaking up the special vibe in this fabulous pub.Einstein Bier Haus is easy to locate on Concert Square, most definitely well worth checking out when the 3rd national lockdown is lifted.
20/01/2021: We like a lot hanging out. Last night we came to this excellent restaurant which friends told us about. We passed a beautiful experience there with very good food and an experienced team and a great chef. We added this place in our phone list and we shall definitely come back very soon. We warmly recommend.


German Doner Kebab

Abbey, Reading
26/03/2021: Always good food and reasonably priced
14/03/2021: Ordered from here for the 1st time and was really impressed with the quality of the food and the way it was presented and how it was delivered in a box with the doner then wrapped up inside of that. Would 100% order from here again


German doner kebab

Duke's, Lancaster
13/03/2021: Excellent food and quick pleasant service.
01/03/2021: Food is great, staff are also very friendly


German Doner Kebab

Bargate, Southampton
05/03/2021: XXX UPDATE XXX. 05/03/21 I have been back, the food is nice no question, unfortunately to get the the food you have to encounter the surly order staff and be open to the possibility that what you have ordered may not actually be what your given! On my latest visit I politely and clearly gave my order and it duly arrived, I drove home, opened it up and it was completely wrong, not only mine was wrong but also my daughters, I tried to call them several times but the phone just rings and rings, I didn't want to go back to Southampton so we have 2 wasted meals. It's such a shame I like the food but the customer service leaves alot to be desired. Below is my old review. Had several great experiences here in the past, unfortunately my latest visit they seemed more interested in the dilveroo/ Uber eats delivery people than the actual customers in the shop, although my order was simple it took around 20 minutes and was still wrong, I shan't bother with them again.
04/03/2021: for the money there was little meat and a lot of fries


German Doner Kebab

Farnham, Slough
27/03/2021: First time visit and yh it was great service was excellent so thankyou to the staff,but seemed to take a little longer than expected for my food,but that must have been the time off day i visited,would highly recommend 👍🏻
26/03/2021: Buyers Beware .... Always check your order and don't be shy to check your kebab before you take it away. Take out order number B-32 served by Wiktoria... Order a set of meals including diner kebab and healthy box. I must say those contained less chicken than a 99p chicken steak burger. Kebab looked good like anything.... Only thing was missing the chicken. never been so embarrassed band angry when my guest said " I thought you order salad Kebab" Tried to call the shop a number of times .. I recommend this food to my guest in first place and what I get in return is a lesson. Never Trust a bald man. If you are readding this get your act right and give what people have paid for. Not just the illusion of chicken dinner kebab. I know times are tough but selling less than what we pay for is criminal and immoral. Favourite last words... NEVER AGAIN!



Grove, Kingston upon Thames


German Doner Kebab

Fairfield, Croydon
19/03/2021: Doner that doesn't leave you feeling greasy and sick afterwards. We tried the classic doner kebab as well as a mixed meat and chips box. The meat doner is beef, it is very juicy and succulent, but the winner for us was the chicken doner as it was a lot tastier and tender by comparison whilst also being just as juicy and succulent. This place is also certified Halal. The only critical point is that this is best eaten hot (i.e. straight away) so if getting it delivered, you'd be best to warm it up, just remember to sprinkle some cold water on top so it doesn't go hard in the microwave! All in all very delicious, not a bad price and quite takeaway friendly as the packaging allows you to eat it taken away without making a mess! Finally, the place is run by absolutely brilliant staff, who are really efficient and proficient in their work. Top marks!
18/03/2021: What can I say except to warn people about buying from this place I bought a large doner kebab which came in such a tiny box... I did ask about the small and large only to be told that a large has more meat... Really!!! Never even had enough for a tiny doner... Took it home only to discover that the portion was even smaller than a small doner bought from a doner shop. And just to remind everyone. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A LARGE. The meat was tasteless. There were a few chips thrown into the box...Not at all any value for money leave alone good value... Not happy at all.


German Doner Kebab

Milton, Southend-on-Sea
10/04/2021: Not consistent with food quality one visit it'll be nice but others it's awful plus food always seems like warm
07/04/2021: We order from here on a regular basis, and on our last order we were missing two (small) items. I called the store and Randy the store manager couldn’t do enough to help and apologise. To make up for the minor inconvenience he included a free meal on our next order and went out of his way to ensure the situation was dealt with. As always, the food was amazing and can’t fault the customer service we received! Definitely recommend :)



St Leonard's, Chesterfield



Aldgate,Billingsgate,Bishopsgate,Bridge,Broad Street,Candlewick,Cornhill,Langbourn,Lime Street,Portsoken,Tower, City of London,Westminster, >100£
02/03/2021: Great night, good company lots of beer and good music. Looking forward to the reopening, so we can come back.
16/12/2020: it has very decent German beer, the food is as good as you can expect. I like it better when it's quiet rather than when it has a lot of Cityboys in it, and I suspect the staff do too - I've seen some of them treated rather badly by some self-important loudmouths on occasions. I'd recommend it, but choose your time carefully.


Stein Garten

Bargate, Southampton, 20-30£
31/12/2020: After spending the day shopping in the area, and using a Groupon voucher, we decided to dine at this bar. We both work in hospitality and we really appreciated the effort and attention of the waiter who attended us because, although it wasn't a busy time, the poor guy was on his own and that made the service quite slow, but he was great, very chatty and friendly!The place itself is very well located (high street) and quite authentic, not the most authentic German bar/restaurant we've been to, but it's simple and different. And it was quite cold! We don't know if it was because it was quite empty, or because the place itself is quite big, but we both had dinner with our jackets on!As for the food, we both ordered German sausages (beef and vegan) and although were tasty and big, again, we were not impressed by the flavor or presentation. They were good, but like any other standard sausages from any other restaurant. We also ordered extra chips and they were nice, well fried and crispy.I hope my criticism is constructive, since we didn't have a bad evening! Not at all, and maybe we'll come back in the future, but we weren't impressed, that's all.Best of luck guys!
28/10/2020: Nothing to fault with the restaurant / bar, it is a high quality example of what it says at the entrance. Good German beer, really excellent German food and friendly service. Had full German meal, spatzle, wurst, country style potatoes, salad really well done with Krombacher and other German beers. Definitely authentic and recommended!!


Hathersage Social Club

Hathersage and Eyam, Derbyshire Dales


Katzenjammers Bierkeller & Restaurant

Cathedrals, Southwark
12/12/2020: Yuk, where do I start....Service, absolute crap, had to practically beg a member of staff to take our order.Drinks arrived and eventually after 20 mins, cold food arrived in some sad looking plastic basket. Send food back and asked manager to send a bar member without an attitude, the manager took over and served us.Was like being back in a school canteen.So many nice places in borough but sadly this is not one.Will never waste my money in here again
16/10/2020: ¡Cené en este lugar en muchas ocasiones y nunca antes me habían tratado así! ¡Impactante! Habiendo dejado mi teléfono en la oficina, a mi llegada me pidieron que escaneara la aplicación NHS y, debido a que no tenía teléfono, me ofrecí a mostrar mi identificación e ingresar manualmente los detalles según lo indicado. directrices del gobierno. El gerente dijo que la aplicación NHS o "no eres bienvenido". . . y luego le dije que soy un cliente habitual a lo que me respondió "No me importa" y me pidió que me fuera.


German Doner Kebab

Uplands, Swansea
29/11/2020: How do you guarantee you get your order wrong? Order from GDK Swansea. How difficult is it to get a kebab from here WITHOUT spicy sauce???? Not rocket science surely?? Even when ‘no spice’ is handwritten on the box? No chance....the waffle is still smothered with the orange spicy stuff. And guess what? When you ask for garlic sauce and an extra pot each they say ‘no problem. They come with the meal and will be in the bag’... but guess what? They weren’t .... no communication between the staff really couldn’t make it up. The only consistency in this place is getting it wrong. Really sad because the once we have had exactly what we hated it was great. Maybe they could do with a manager???

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