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Pizza Union King's Cross

Caledonian, Islington
28/03/2021: Very good restaurant, the food is delicious and cheap, the customer service is very good. I will definitely return.
21/03/2021: During this difficult moment of lockdown, eat a good pizza for a very good price was a moment of happiness! I like a lot the possibility to order and pay online, picking up the pizza in person if you do not want to use the delivery service. Very polite staff. We'll done pizza Union!



Highbury East, Islington
15/02/2021: This spot is worth trying. They serve big portions for convenient rates. Regularly neat and with great atmosphere. Will visit here again.
13/02/2021: I had an awesome time at this place. We loved the awesome vibes and the food. The waiters were super personal. I am glad we eventually decided to try this place.



Clerkenwell, Islington, 20-30£
17/12/2020: But if you are gluten and dairy free , it is so good to look at a wide ranging menu and be free to choose. Service, food, ambiance all very good and its a reasonable price.
14/12/2020: This is the second time we have been to this lovely restaurant and both times have been excellent. From the friendly great service to the truly excellent food, this is a real gem and I would highly recommend it. Thanks and looking forward to our next visit !



Bunhill, Islington, >100£
15/01/2021: Amazing pizza, freshly made. The cheese used is of a great quality and taste. Friendly staff and a great atmosphere. Looking forward to trying the dare devil pizza on my next visit.
06/11/2020: Nice pizza, good service. Ordered the pizza online and went there to pick it up and it was ready right on time.


Prawn on the Lawn

Mildmay, Islington, >100£


The Sitara

Junction, Islington
12/03/2021: Yet ANOTHER amazing curry. Raj cooks with wonder he won curry chef of the year! And the okra is to DIE for.
05/02/2021: Absolutely delicious food, delivered. Thank you so much. The best Indian food I’ve had delivered for yonks



Worlds End

Finsbury Park, Islington
15/12/2020: Got a legit scotch egg in here and it was buff
05/12/2020: Truly hateful and miserable service - avoid and head to the Faltering fullback just round the corner (one of London’s best pubs)


Mangia Bene Italian Restaurant

Barnsbury, Islington, >100£
06/12/2020: Went here for a delicious pizza and foccacia and my partner had calamari and prawns. Lovely little restaurant and very good service. Their house wine is great too. Highly recommend
19/10/2020: My family and I visited this restaurant yesterday. Where do I start...........the food was amazing and everyone enjoyed their starter and main. The gentleman who served us was lovely, the restaurant had a really cosy home from home feeling. We will be back very soon, well done to Mangia Bene!


Oz Cafe

Caledonian, Islington, <20£


La Divina Restaurant

St Mary's, Islington
18/10/2020: Después de un agradable paseo por el área, nos acercamos a un Dom muy acogedor.Inicialmente nos sentamos afuera, el Dom nos ofreció amablemente sentarnos adentro ya que hacía frío.Amablemente le dio a nuestro perro un cuenco de aguaTuve el Fegato Vitello fácilmente, mi mejor plato de hígado de terneros de restaurante en el Reino Unido.mi hija tenía la salsa de vino blanco de solomillo v agradable y su hijo disfrutó de su pizza de chorizoComida deliciosaServicio muy amableGraciasVolveremos


Viet Baguette

Clerkenwell, Islington


The Pig and Butcher

St Mary's, Islington, 30-45£
22/01/2021: It had been 4 years since our last visit to this pub but the standards were exactly the same. The food and service are both top notch. It's a bit pricey but perfect for a special occasion. Has a great selection of beers too!
29/10/2020: This restaurant is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to and I am already looking forward to my next visit. When we arrived our temperature was taken and we were told how long we could have the table for (when I booked I was told and hour and a half but when we arrived we were told over two hours - fab!). All staff wore masks and all tables were spaced out. There are so many good things to say about this place...- the atmosphere is just perfect. It is cosy and relaxing. A place where you could sit for hours and chill. - food is different and delicious. A mixture of food and ingredients you would not usually see together but they work so well. The menu is always different which I love. - wine! I like white and my partner likes red so we can never buy a bottle and end up spending a fortune on glasses of wine. At Pig and Butcher you can buy wine by Carafe which was perfect for us! We eat out a lot and I have never seen this option on a menu. - staff. From beginning to end all staff were welcoming, friendly and even funny! They had the perfect balance of leaving you to your meal and being there when you needed them. Such a wonderful evening and although it isn’t cheap, it is worth every penny. My partner and I love trying restaurants all over London but this one is right at the top. Thank you Pig and Butcher for a perfect meal and we cannot wait to come back again soon. We are planning on trying the Sunday roast.


Pizzeria Pappagone

Tollington, Islington
05/12/2020: Was passing by today when I fancied a coffee. Walked in and tried to order. Was told I needed to go outside and order from window, okay fair enough I thought. Told the young lady id like a regular latte, with an extra shot. She looked at me as if I was talking Martian. Told her again what coffee id like, still no response. After the third try her colleague chipped in to help. Apparently 8 was ordering wrong? I should of requested a "Café latte ". OK, I'll remember that for next time lol. So after my failed attempts at ordering. I was handed my coffee cup, ¾ empty!! Now why they done this I don't know? They clearly had all the correct sizes on top of the counter? When I asked where the rest of my coffee was? She started babbling her native tounge. At this point if had enough and made for my car lol
01/12/2020: We have been living off takeaways and I have to say, Papps always delivers the goods (not as good as eating in this great institution) but not a bad second best.We really want to support this local business as much as we can - to the digust of my waistline!!Keep going you lovely lot!


Fredericks Restaurant

St Peter's, Islington
05/12/2020: We had dinner here last night. Very good crispy squid to start, followed by superb cod for my wife and an excellent assiette of duck for me. Staff and sommelier superb as ever. Always a pleasure to visit.
05/12/2020: In these difficult times, when it can be hard to meet up with family, Fredericks have organised a great marquee solution. Obviously you can only have the table for 2 hours, which was a slight issue for us as the 1 hour journey from Essex took over 2 hours so we were 30 minutes late. However, the staff were really welcoming, the food was fantastic, cocktails were great but probably the best bit was the somelier. A gentleman called Erwan Gouiffes, who comes along and asks you a list of questions and then recommends a wine for you. He chose a white Portuguese wine for me that I've never had before and it was excellent (Duas Quintas - Douro 2018). He managed to do something similar with a red for my son. I think that Erwan was a great asset to the meal overall. The questions were fun and it was a really good way to try a new wine. Yes, the meal was a bit rushed but that was our fault not theirs. If I had one complaint, it is that the biscuits that came with the cheese were stale but I wouldn't normally eat more than one or two anyway so it wasn't a problem. I would 100% go back to Fredericks either during the pandemic or when life returns to something like normal.

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