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Wee Hurrie in South Ayrshire


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Visited here when moored at the nearby marina. My husband was sceptical but the fish (hake) and chips were really excellent and worth the short wait.
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12 May 2019
People come to this chippie because of its reputation; you would never know it was here if you had not been told, as you have to go on past the point where you think the road finishes in order to find it. it is a strange mixture of things. On the one hand, it displays a selection of available fish far more exotic than your average fish and chip shop, including, for instance, sea bass and lobster. Each portion of fish is given a little pot of tartare sauce, again, something I've not seen before. On the other hand, the premises are pokey and few can get inside at once. I did not see an insect zapper, and the staff were not wearing hats. The fish and chips were good, but not remarkable, and the portions were generous. My wife was sick during the night, but that may have had nothing to do with the food.
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17 July 2019

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12/08/2019: We had a great meal here, out of the window were the boats from the fishing fleet. We noticed that one of the chefs kept going out of the door and going round the back of the restaurant. We enquired about this behaviour only to be told that he was going to get fresh lobsters from a tank at the rear.
21/04/2019: A lovely place, at the end of a pier. A little brick house where Popeye the sailor would live. Smiling, young and attentive service and simple, yet refined and traditional food. From now on, one of my landmarks in beautiful Scotland. Don’t miss it.


28/05/2019: Bought a small fish supper here on Sunday evening. Can’t imagine what size the normal one is! The fish was very good and the chips were okay. Far from the best fish supper I’ve ever had but it did the job.
14/07/2019: Love the fact that your order is put on when you go in! No soggy batter in this place!! The fish was delicious, crispy outside and succulent inside! This time we just had a takeaway but we have also used the restaurant to sit in before and would thoroughly recommend this as well.

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