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Our first meal out after the latest Covid lockdown. We turned up without a booking and were told there would be a one hour wait. Unperturbed we went for a drink on Grey Street and returned later.Seating was on one of six or seven tables placed on the street outside the restaurant.My wife and I both went for the Peanut Butter and Jam Burger with Fries and to wash it down a bottle of white wine.The food was superb, just what we have come to expect from this establishment.The bill came to £45 including a tip.Although the table seating is closed due to Covid restrictions you can still use the bathroom.Welcome back Fat Hippo!
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24 April 2021
Ate here yesterday. Absolutely fantastic vegan choices so nice to see a meat restaurant actually taking the time to have great vegan options normally when I go somewhere there’s one or two things on the menu and it’s usually a salad where no thought has gone in at all. Will return. The staff are very pleasant and accommodating as well.
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20 April 2021

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