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I’d like to start with a couple of words about the venue itself... phenomenal, exceptional, incredible! from the moment we walked in, our eyes lit up, surrounded by Zulu Warriors, 15 feet tall! It was all set up to be a wonderful night... until we ordered our first set of drinks, the sun was beginning to set as our waitress walked way having not written down our order... once they arrived, we were watching the sunrise over the streets of camden, how time flies! it really was a magical night, all for the wrong reasons however, if you were lucky enough to have a member of staff wander past your table and take your order, you’d notice the second they turned around.. your order was forgotten. Our waitress asked if we would like the desert menu.... we’d been here for 3 hours at this stage and had two drinks. YES! We said, that sounds brilliant, off she went... dancing off to another couple to provide more false hope, we’d manage to sail to Santorini for some of the finest Gelato faster than that pudding menu would make its way to our table... the pudding menu never did end up arriving, the bill however, arrived within 20 seconds of asking. Funny, huh? If the staff at Shaka Zulu spent as much time serving us as they did dancing, what a night it could have been! Food was great!
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06 June 2021
I purchased this voucher as a present for my partner for Christmas 2019, as the pandemic played out we ended up having to extend the voucher, and finally was able to redeem it this week! I have seen a lot of people have reviewed their experiences using the voucher and it appears to have been a mixed bag so we weren't sure what to expect so wanted to document our experience for future diners.Firstly I would like to reiterate what other diners have said regarding the dress code, essentially it is not enforced. We dressed smart-casual to be on the safe side, however most other people were dressed on the more casual side. The exceptions to this were those who were clearly attending to celebrate a special occasion and perhaps then going on to somewhere else after.The three course meal part of the voucher is The Shield menu which you can find on the website. We were also given a free cocktail on arrival which was between a choice of 4 to choose from. Both of ours were nice and didn't seem particularly tight with the alcohol which was nice considering it was free! I found the menu to have quite a lot of choice but given the nature of the restaurant, we wanted to take advantage of trying something we wouldn't be able to have anywhere else and decided to choose mains which carried a surge charge of £8 per meal. Originally my partner asked for the steak but was told they had run out, so we both chose the Buffalo. You also must pay an extra £5.50 for sides which is something to bare in mind- we chose the roast potatoes and peri peri fries which were both really nice. All in all, I found the food to be very nice and tasty and were please with all the choices we made. The service was average and nothing really to shout about. When we first arrived we had to make sure we signed in on the NHS COVID app and show the Doorman that we had the green tick, it was made very clear that without this we wouldn't be able to enter. We were then shown to table which was in quite a good location in the restaurant and the decor and style of the restaurant was interesting and we tried to take as many photos as possible as it was very different to anything we had seen before. Our server seemed perhaps on the less experienced side and didn't seem overly confident on the menu but everything arrived accurately so no negatives there. I did find we had to wait quite a while for her to come over and take our plates so we could then ask for the bill though. It is important to note that they do add a 12.5% service charge to each bill and as the service wasn't anything more than average, we decided not to tip as 12.5% is more than we would have given anyway.Overall, we didn't mind spending a little more on the day by choosing upgrade items etc as I had purchased this well over a year ago and almost forgot I had bought it at all, however if you are planning to buy this for a gift it might be worth keeping in mind the recipient may need to pay a little more on the day for things such as chips and sides.
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24 May 2021

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