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Anema e Core in Eastbourne


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Reviews note
what a lovely restaurant, and one of the best pizza's i have ever had, the staff are very friendly, the food is to die for, the service is second to none, all covid 19 social distancing is strictly adhered to making it a safe place to eat, i think we have found our favourite italian and i can't wait to go back and try other dishes
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19 August 2020
I say it was a surprise as Google Maps gave me this place on closing day, passing in front of it, we see that it is open and we decide to enter. Difficult times these of Covid-19, the locals try to take measures with the new directives, at our entrance we find everything perfect, the staff with masks, we also have them entering, the disinfectant available, but then the friendliness and the Italian warmth embrace you. The menu does not present an infinite list of dishes, and this gives me hope that the recipes are all prepared at the customer's request, even if we have to wait a little longer, the quality is much higher. We ask for two fried appetizers and two pizzas, one margherita with buffalo mozzarella and the other with nduja. We were not mistaken in our first impression, all excellent, even the fried were perfect, light, tasty, the fried pizza brought me back to Naples, but the best was the pizza, the REAL Neapolitan pizza, with a high edge, soft, perfectly leavened with the right ingredients and cooked excellently. Chatting with the girl who served us, we learned that it's all family-run, she serves, the father makes pizzas and the mother in the kitchen. To my English friends, I would like to suggest you forget the many pizzas eaten in the many Italian-sounding places around the United Kingdom and approach this pizza with curiosity. You will discover the authentic flavours of the best pizzas you could eat in Naples and Italy. I want to say a heartfelt thanks to the owners, we have found a piece of authentic Italy in your restaurant and we felt your commitment and the big heart that you put in every dish you prepare. I will definitely come back, you have entered my top list!
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02 August 2020

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15/09/2020: My partner and I were recently in Eastbourne for a few days. First visit. We were supposed to be in Sicily, but the ever changing rules governing international travel due to Covid 19 left me hesitant about leaving the UK. I thought Eastbourne, given that it's a seaside town, would have loads of restaurants with outdoor seating. I was wrong. Since the easing of restrictions, we've only dined at restaurants with outdoor seating. There are several of those in our London neighbourhood. In fact, there has been a local movement to get the council to allow more outside seating. It's been a huge success. I wasn't about to loosen my own No Indoor Dining policy. Enter Pizza Express Cornfield Road. The first night we arrived, the inside of the restaurant was busy but no one was sitting outside. We had the entire outside seating area to ourselves that night, and the two other nights we went there for dinner. When we lived in Hong Kong, Pizza Express was one of the few places you could go to get pizza at a restaurant. You could get slices at sketchy little places near tourist spots. No thank you. We liked Pizza Express, but after moving to London nearly nine years ago, we've only been two or three times. There are many great independently owned pizza and Italian restaurants owned by real Italians in London.But I'm a convert to Pizza Express now. Why? The amazing service. Every single person we encountered at this location was friendly and accommodating. They treated us like regulars from the start. On our last night in town, we had reservations at a nice Italian restaurant with outdoor seating. When we arrived, we were told the outdoor seating area was closed. They kindly refused to accommodate our request. So we went back to Pizza Express. If I ever find myself in Eastbourne again, I'm headed to this Pizza Express. I've never been to the Pizza Express in our neighbourhood. I intend to go now. They have outdoor seating AND I want to support businesses that prioritise the health and well-being of their customers. Hats off to Pizza Express Cornfield Road and hats off to Pizza Express in general. You have my business.
26/08/2020: After being hugely disappointed by the Hastings pizza express I was delighted to find Eastbourne is the best pizzaExpress to go to. The food is always done perfectly, the portions are generous and the staff are always so friendly and inviting. We love going here. It’s family friendly too, they have high chairs ect.

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