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Cedar Restaurant

St Jude, Portsmouth
03/09/2021: Cash only. Finally found another place which does the minced lamb on hummus starter, I've been looking for somewhere that does this for about 4 years. Good portions, tasty food, great prices! There was a wait on service (all be it good service), but visit was mid week and moderately busy so it may have been issue just that day.
02/09/2021: We had a fantastic dinner here. The food is delicious and very reasonably priced! If I lived in Portsmouth I’d definitely be a regular.


Shiraz Restaurant

Castle, Swansea, 20-30£
25/08/2021: Decent food, cosy environment and good quantity main dishes
23/08/2021: Good food and the waiter was very friendly. He gave Imus a free backava that was brilliant.... Will go back as soon as I am in swansea again.


Beit Beirut

Goldsworth East, Woking
04/09/2021: Absolutely fantastic and fresh! I booked for a party of 4 for my birthday. From start to finish the service was excellent. The individual manning the front of house (assume it was the owner) was such a friendly and accommodating person. We order a variety of food from the menu and it arrived to the table fairly quickly. All of it tasted brilliant and fresh. There was a lot of depth in the flavours and I have to admit… it was some of the best Lebanese food that I’ve eaten in the UK! Will 100% be visiting again!
29/08/2021: Friendly atmosphere and helpful staff. Food very tasty & generous portions


Cedars Lebanese Restaurant ltd

Castle, Leicester
14/08/2021: Food is awesome and quick, staff are great too. Shout out to the guy I tipped who was watching the till! 👊🏻
06/08/2021: Food is delicious, can't recommend highly enough


Makla Bistro

Boscombe East, Bournemouth
30/03/2021: The food is great here, would 100% recommend. Everything is fresh and tasty, and when delivered, still hot. The Aladdin wraps are super delicious and also huge - there's definitely no skipping with the portions. The skin on fries are also my absolute favourite! Good value for money and never disappointed. Keep up the good work guys!


Che Bar and Lounge

Selhurst, Croydon
26/08/2021: Alr morto it wS a grate experens lovely staf
14/07/2021: One of my favourite places. Can't wait till the shisha reopens!


Ana Bedouin

Sherwood, Nottingham
28/05/2021: As bad as it gets. Had a take away for two this evening. £27 for largely a big container of rice. Poor food, poorly cooked, poor variety, poor quantities, poor value. Certainly so much better on offer than this. Won’t be back
04/05/2021: Me and my husband ordered from here Friday night. Both suffered severe food poisoning for 3 days now. Would not recommend, really is concerning to think how the food is prepared, stored or if its out of date. Definetely will not be eating from here again. I don't believe responding by then calling the customers who spent money with you liars is facing the issue. Like I said we ate your takeaway Friday eve, both up all night and have been ill ever since. Something has clearly gone wrong, and blaming or calling your customers liars doesn't sound like your taking responsibility. We contacted uber eats highlighting the health concern and they refunded us, but seeing as it is now Monday and we are both still very ill from your food and have not slept, I believe the correct thing to do is leave a review from our experience so other people don't have to feel this poorly from eating your food. Thank you for your concern in your customers welfare. I also like to note that it does not take 24 hours for food poisoning to set in, it can take a matter of hours. You should probably understand how poeple get food poisoning before serving them food that makes them so Ill. We ordered the chicken shawarma wrap, both had the same with chips, again your implying I didn't even order food from you, you've handled this disgustingly and I don't think anyone who runs a business should treat their customers with such contempt. Complete waste of money. OK I can see you are not going to take any responsibility here so I'm not going to bother responding anymore. Both become ill over night after eating your food which has made us ill all over the weekend. Talk about poor customer service. One star is well deserved. Facts are we both get home at 6, do not eat together during the day, get home eat your takeaway and the next day both of us are violently ill for the next 3 days. How you can deny any responsibility is shocking and leaves an even more sour taste in our mouths. Your reputation is clearly more important than your customers welfare and that has really shone through in your replies. And just because no one has said on Google before that you haven't had an issue doesn't mean that is the case, I'd expect you to handle this with looking into the matter trying to avoid this in future, but seems you just want to deny deny deny.



City Centre, Edinburgh, City of
15/05/2021: I've been a few times over the years and BABA never disappointed or displayed large changes in quality, which is consistently good.Perfect choice for middle-eastern style food, mostly in snack/meze size but with some larger offerings from the grill. Some dishes are merely pleasant, some stand out. Today the stars were cauliflower fritters, crispy and made vivid by the zhoug; and a powerful "haggis merguez" with Yemenite hot sauce. Hummous and Baba-ghanoush are the stalwarts, enriched by a rich variety of garnishes, that are always recommended, but unfortunately the flatbread didn't shine for freshness or fragrance. A cod with many appealing ingredients was OK.The disappointment of the day came from a so-called meze of asparagus with hummous, which was in fact mostly hummus with some scant slivers of forgettable asparagus, more of garnish than a main ingredient. On the other hand desserts, a cardamom panna cotta with hibiscus-poached rhubarb and pistachio, and an olive oil sponge with yoghurt and pomegranate concluded on a very pleasant note, though for such simple patisserie work their prices are a bit out of line with the rest of the overall very good value menu.Service was very friendly and efficient, the space is vast -a bonus in these times- and prices as I said are contained, also considering we are in George Street.
13/05/2021: We loved the food, subtle tastes, good variety, perfectly fresh, quality ingredients, very pleasant service, busy but not noisy... everything for a nice evening. My only complaint is the lack of baclava!!! You can’t serve Middle Eastern food and not serve baclava... please reinstate your baclava in the menu!


Zufa Hatch End

Hatch End, Harrow
11/05/2021: The restaurant has a nice al fresco dining area at the front which is very fortunate these days. Standard Lebanese dishes and there is certainly a wide choice. The hummus is particularly excellent. We had the king prawns as well which were very large tasty and well presented.
26/04/2021: Fantastic service. We booked the wrong branch by accident and they went out of their way to still find us a table. The food was delicious (got the vegetarian selection for two) and ample and staff regularly checked to see if we were ok. There was heating but it was still a bit chilly so take a thick jumper for now!



Guildhall, York



Newsome, Kirklees
07/04/2021: Surely a spot worth stopping over, the food is excellent and fresh, the costs are fair and it is consistently clean in here. 5 stars.

Not rated

Ya Hala

Hyde Park, City of London,Westminster

Not rated

Mina Restaurant

Cathays, Cardiff, >100£
07/06/2021: Me and my boyfriend visited this restaurant after having eyed it up several times walking past it on the street- and it certainly didn’t disappoint!The service was great- as soon as we walked in we were greeted and sat down. The staff were very attentive and thoughtful. The food was delicious and so reasonably priced too. We’ll be sure to come back!! Thank you
06/06/2021: I went to this restaurant on Saturday with my family after reading some amazing reviews and I have to say this restaurant did not disappoint. The service in the restaurant was amazing. We ordered the mixed mezza for two which was absolutely delicious (we especially loved the humous) I had Mina lamb which was so flavourful and my husband had a steak which he thought was very good. My kids enjoyed their food too. Great food, great service and a great atmosphere!!!

Not rated

Not rated

Ramsey's Grill

Eton and Castle, Windsor and Maidenhead
01/06/2021: brother showed me this place a couple years back and it looks really dodgy and bad but the good is actually really good and you get a lot of it for your money.I’m not a food reviewer at all but this was good asf.Picture: £6.50 Mixed Kebab, £6.50 Mixed Meat with Chips[Note: Only takes cash there]

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