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The best restaurants in Barking and Dagenham London

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Lara Grill

Whalebone, Barking and Dagenham
27/02/2020: This was our first visit to the Lara Grill, and came on a personal recommendation. It was my husbands birthday so thought as he likes a good Turkish grill this would be a nice way to celebrate. I booked a table which was a total waste of time as the tables are not reserved so we had to wait until a table was ready. Then when our table was ready, we were seated next to the toilets. Now who wants to have their birthday meal sat next to the toilets. On telling the manager his response was “everyone has booked a table”. Sorry not good enough. I personally was ready to leave however my family insisted we persevere. We ordered the Lara Feast. The bread and dips were lovely and the meats and rice cooked well. Another down point had lamb chops but no steak knife which was definitely needed. Waitresses were rushed off their feet so service was inconsistent however appreciated efforts and so rewarded with a tip. The Lara Grill has the potential to be really good but basic service let’s it down. Would I visit again. Maybe as a walk in (where in that case would be happy to sit anywhere) but for a special get together. Definitely NOT.
23/02/2020: Great little spot to eat at a decent price. Only real issue is because of where it is located it can be quite difficult to find a parking space.


The Eastbrook

Eastbrook, Barking and Dagenham
17/02/2020: Read all the reviews about how good the Sunday lunch was and decided to give it a try. We was not disappointed it was absolutely delicious. The meat melted in your mouth and the veg was lovely all cooked lovely. Really enjoyed it. We will soon return.
13/02/2020: If you are going to serve Real Ale you need to train your bar staff on what it is supposed to look like and taste like. It's not lager, you don't just plug and pour or serve in a warm glass.


Storky Coffee & Juice Bar

Abbey, Barking and Dagenham
06/03/2020: This is a most decent and stylish place at barking station. I have always enjoyed there hot chocolate and home made cakes. Their vegetarian sandwiches are great. They used to have great selection of books not much left now and the impressive thing was they offered free tea and coffee for needy and homeless at barking station. Thank you to lovely people who are making sure they provide the best from their cosy and comfortable cafe
02/02/2020: I'm honest, I had poor expectations for a coffee shop inside a tube station but this one deserves definitely 5 stars. Really good coffee, nice food and the guys are friendly and easy going.



Abbey, Barking and Dagenham
29/06/2020: Where do I it!I have been coming here for 3 years and I haven’t had a bad experience yet. I love the food they serve and I genuinely crave it!The cornflake chicken burger is the one! So unique and perfect combination of flavours - I like this for take away too!Steak dishes are beaut ! I love their side salads with radish and feta cheese Everytime my friends visit I book for us to go there on a Sunday for a hangover Sunday lunch (make sure you book as you will not be able to eat otherwise) for £12ish a head the roast is unbeatable. You couldn’t make it for that and they do a lovely combination of unusual veg including roasted butternut squash. Highly recommend the beef brisket burger and the beef nuggets - in fact highly recommend it all I have not had a bad meal here!I’m moving away from the area soon and will miss being within walking distance to this little gem which is one of kind, especially in barking. But I’ll make a point of travelling to eat here!
05/03/2020: A melhor refeição que fiz em Londres.. Preço fantástico e provavelmente a melhor cozinha de barking e arredores. Recomendo muito que experimentem os pratos do dia assim como a limonada caseira :) obrigada pela recepção. O sítio era muito agradável também. Funciona por reserva normalmente mas como nos não sabíamos tivemos sorte em arranjar mesa.


The Barking Dog

Abbey, Barking and Dagenham
15/02/2020: Pubs that are right next to a tube station are normally busy without much effort, but i was surprised at how cheerful and friendly the staff were. Prices are extremely reasonable and meals are excellent.
26/01/2020: DIré que en todos los WETHERSPOON de Londres se come bastante bien y a un precio razonable teniendo en cuenta que es Londres. El local es agradable y hace cómoda la estancia, siempre repito.


Golden Fish

Valence, Barking and Dagenham
09/04/2020: I have been using Golden fish for at least 40years always lovely eat in or take away the service is terrific always friendly the fish and chips are never fatty or greasy always hot,
12/02/2020: I have been going to the Golden Fish for over 35 years and the food just gets better and better. Without doubt this is the best Chippy in town!!!


Ariana Restaurant

Abbey, Barking and Dagenham
13/12/2019: This restaurant is unassuming and the food is sensational. Always consistent and delicious. Go here for a treat!
21/10/2019: We have been to Ariana in Barking many times and I love the food there. The food is always fresh and consistently not just good but excellent. The staff are always there to help and very friendly too. Their Lamb Kalai is amazing and the naans are just consistently good - thin and fresh. Try it with an open mind if you haven’t eaten Afghani food before as it is not spicy but very flavourful. I go back again and again because it is worth it!


The Pipe Major

Village, Barking and Dagenham
10/03/2020: Not one of the four staff we interacted with had any customer service aptitude, one wonders what the selection criteria are. Reasonable choices of common draught lagers, common keg and Marstons owned breweries cask-conditioned beers, but as is so often with Marstons, nothing rare or intriguing in the latter not even Pedigree - all ales from Wychwood. Menu bog standard for roadside pub that aims at value food and plans for groups of people eating. Four of us ate, the meals came at 3 different times, so, when the last arrived, the first person was half way through. Two of the meals had parts of the meal missing - which were presented late with no apology nor offer of compensation. None were very hot. Portions on the small side, even the cheaper ingredients like potatoes. Table sticky, toilets just about clean enough.
10/03/2020: I was in the area and we decided to nip in for a quick evening snack...we couldn't be bothered to cook.I went to this pub for food for 2-3 years ago and I didn't rate it. I decided to give it another chance.Unfortunately it hadn't improved. I ordered a burger - it was dry and tasteless, despite the addition of cheese and bacon. The chips were unappealing. It was an unattractive plate of food.My husband had hunters chicken. It came with a plain chicken with a gloopy layer of cheese and bacon which my husband peeled off in one strip. There was no barbacue sauce, which we queried and was told it was brushed on the chicken. Honestly it was plain chicken and my husband barely touched it.We rejected the carvery on the basis that everything looked dry and as if had been there a while.The only saving grace is my daughter (9 years) liked her kids meal.This would be a good place to go for a quick drink (warm, cold or alcholic). It has nice decor, parking and is reasonably price. Just don't go here for the food.My daughter said: My meal was very nice I enjoyed it very much. If you're looking for a cheap little dinner then the chicken nugget meal is for you. Although it was very good it was hardly from any fancy place, just generally, yummy and cheap. The Pepsi was refreshing and there were many menus (Read them all they have important information on them). All the meals on the menu seemed OK but the chicken nuggets were fabulous. I was very disapointed on a cold night they wouldn't have the fire blazing but we kept warm with our coats on. All in all this place was fantastic. Hope you enjoy your meal there!


Brewers Fayre Dagenham

River, Barking and Dagenham
15/03/2020: Ordered carvery meal beef looked like a doorstop hard and black turkey okay as was gammon vegetables pitiful a few peas in green water carrots raw and less said about potatoes the better looked pale and a coating of grease on them definitely not like roast potatoes more like microwaved potatoes simply awful meal inedible would not go again
08/03/2020: I wasn’t expecting much from this far from salubrious place but stayed in The Premier hotel next door. I was pleasantly surprised by the hot well cooked meal that was on offer. Manager was really good other staff very helpful gluten free bread and smashing poached eggs on offer. Everything was good quality will visit again. Other breakfast providers take note


The Lord Denman

Alibon, Barking and Dagenham
10/12/2019: I take my mum there on a Friday and Sunday lunch times for a couple of drinks, my mum is 91 and she likes it, but it is not bad as Dagenham is now limited to pubs. We meet at the Heathway station and walk down, I come from Hornchurch and my mum comes from Beacontree
10/11/2019: Don’t believe the poor reviews on here left by customers who have been barred. This pub is trying to make a name for itself. It is slowly eradicating the troublemakers and riff raff that give this place a bad name. Hence the poor reviews. Prices are low and it’s a great place to have a family drink or a meal.


Wood Oven

Abbey, Barking and Dagenham
06/05/2020: Takeaway order - despite the rest of the meal arriving in one piece the chips unfortunately was very burnt and looked like it damaged the polystyrene container it came in.
20/01/2020: Fantastic food in very large portions very tasty and cooked well ,something to note is they do not accept card payments so we had to leave to withdraw cash before we could order


The Tollgate - Sizzling Pubs

Whalebone, Barking and Dagenham
12/03/2020: Went in for lunch on my break for work. Ordered 2 fish and chips. Great value for money. The two young girls behind the bar were very friendly and made us feel very welcome. Nice to see staff with smiles on there face welcoming people into their buisness.
11/03/2020: Got a overcooked egg that was still raw, pineapple was raw and still in the tin. Got 5 and a half chips and 6 peas. I don't even know how the male chef got a job in there his culinary skills are from perfect. If he he is on a trail period I think they terminate his contract immediately and send him back to catering college untill he learns how to cook a egg fully and take the pineapple out of the tin. On a another note the beer is lovely #thebarstaffaregreat


Il Pizzaiolo

Abbey, Barking and Dagenham
27/02/2020: Nos encontramos con este restaurante en un viaje anterior a Londres y decidimos ver si era tan bueno como recordamos y definitivamente no me decepcionó. El personal fue realmente servicial, amable y la comida es increíble! Teníamos una mezcla de pizzas, pasta y pan de ajo y todos eran hermosos. El personal hizo todo lo posible para asegurarse de que incluso el miembro más joven de nuestra familia tuviera exactamente lo que querían. No me puedo quejar.
20/01/2020: Este es un restaurante de pasta y pizza bastante básico cerca de Oxford Street. En el lado positivo, el servicio era bueno y la comida era aceptable. Tuve un penne de cuatro quesos que estaba contento pero he tenido mejor por menos en otros restaurantes. Mi esposa tenía ravioles que creo que disfrutó más. En el lado negativo, la decoración es muy anticuada y la calefacción debería haber estado en un entorno más alto.


Moby Dick

Chadwell Heath, Barking and Dagenham
15/03/2020: Went sat night place empty food terrible cold the veg all most mixed together service terrible , the place feels dirty could do with a complete makeover especially the catering side I wouldn’t recommend to anyone I was warned going there but I though we would give it a go only plus side great company I was with took the edge of it please sort it out
11/03/2020: Went today for breakfast and what a disappoint. Everything was overcooked and cold. The food was tasteless. I used to go here on a weekly basis and hadn’t been for a while sadly I won’t be rushing back. The only good thing is the lady that takes your money and serves you when you first arrive. She is always friendly and welcoming. She is the only good about what can only be described as a bad experience.


Balti Cottage

Goresbrook, Barking and Dagenham
24/02/2020: Really nice setting, great food, good price. The only downside is the drinks are a bit pricey. Would go again (or order a takeaway)
08/02/2020: Didn’t seem to like the fact that we wanted tap water, maybe because it’s not making them extra money, besides the point the waiter then comes up to us to say if we get another tap water it’ll be charged on the bill. Pathetic. Straight turn off, I was going to buy desert but that comment made us not buy it. The man got the bill order wrong but when we got up to pay then he realised. The man taking our payment was nice..but overall ruined it for themselves. Food was nice and same price is as most Indians.

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