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The best restaurantsof turkish in London

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Woody Grill

Camden Town with Primrose Hill, Camden
06/02/2020: We were looking for a restaurant that did Greek cuisine, instead we opted for Turkish cuisine due to the time, all really excellent, appetizer full of sauces, olives and Turkish bread, the waitresses were very courteous and helpful, they also offered us black tea and a mini tasting of candied fruit with icing sugar at the end of the meal, to thank them we could not leave him a tip, I absolutely recommend it!!
31/01/2020: Très bon repas assiette copieuse propre et bon 100% confiance 👍 quartier camdem Londres super ambiance


Gokyuzu Walthamstow

High Street, Waltham Forest
19/04/2020: Had a home delivery and the meal was superb, although quite pricey. It was within the time we were given. It was beautifully presented in airline type plastic containers, even came with complementary bread and dips. Only problem was it was far too big.
03/04/2020: I've been here countless times. Service is always good, food never disappoints. Sure, it's not cheap, but you really get what you pay for. Portions are big enough, tasty! This is the best restaurant I've been to in London!


Aspendos Bar And Grill

Holloway, Islington
18/01/2020: Fuimos a Aspendos por accidente. Alguien nos dijo que el dueño Charlie tenía buenos conocimientos sobre el área y que queríamos ubicar un lugar. Charlie era muy cálido y humilde. La comida fue excelente. Tenían opciones vegetarianas también. Tenía uno de los mejores falafel y hummus aquí. ¡Sigue así, Charlie!
01/01/2020: Lovely food lovely friendly staff very clean always find somewhere to park close by we enjoy it every every visit 😋


Noa Restaurant

St Mary's, Islington
21/04/2020: After visiting Union Chapel for a concert we were amazed by this lovely Turkish restaurant. The food was excellent and never have we been advised not to order so much - the waiter was quite correct in this .
17/02/2020: Excellent lunch I had here good service feels relaxed and loads of choice it's the kebab in north London


E. Mono

Kentish Town, Camden
25/05/2020: I am concerned that despite asking twice whether the falafel wrap was vegan, it came with a sauce in which they later confirmed did have dairy in. Considering this place has such good reviews and is in central London, you would think they would know what a vegan was.My parents enjoyed their food and said it was delicious, luckily my wrap didn't go to waste as my parents ate it.
10/03/2020: Son amables, y la comida es "agradable", Kofte es genial y el resto es bueno. Las porciones podrían ser más grandes y las astillas son débiles. Los precios son un poco descarados. Este lugar se encuentra muy por encima de la mayoría de los Kebabbies de Londres. Pero no se deje engañar por las críticas favorables, no estoy seguro de qué se trata. Si pudiera darle un sólido 3. 9 *, quisiera: No es lo suficientemente especial como para merecer un 4 * pero aún está por encima de la media; si tienes hambre en Kentish, ve aquí, será agradable. Giles Coren no conocería el "mejor kebabby de Londres" si le cayera encima.


Woody Grill

Kilburn, Brent
20/02/2020: Very good food,great service!We are always coming with great pleasure to this beautiful friendly enviroment!
08/12/2019: Wooow what a food here in this turkish restaurant... Very tasty and clean... Very quick service.... The silver turkish tea very tasty


Nehir Restaurant

Grange, Enfield
14/01/2020: Ordered a takeaway. The chicken tasted nice. Salad was tiny, usually get big salads from Turkish places. The soup was a waste of a fiver. Altogether was expensive for 1 person. £18.50 for chicken kebab, salad and soup delivered.
22/06/2019: We come to this local kebab house every few weeks or so, and love the quality of the food, always hot and tasty as well as the complimentary dips, bread and salad!The staff are generally very good but things are progressively declining in what you used to get! At the end of the meal, you were given a complimentary Turkish tea and a square, just a mouthful of baklava! Wow that was the best part of the meal! Now you just get the tea!For me and my husband, we enjoy the food!


Salamis Kitchen

Loxford, Redbridge
17/05/2020: The food was ok but don't order desset. I ordered kunefe and was really disapointed. You can't even call that kunefe it was just pain sweet kadayif noodles. Worst thing ever.
09/05/2020: The food was so good honestly. After a busy day wrestling in our garden we was very hungry and decided to try this place and it didn’t disappoint! The chicken and the calamari was the highlight! I would highly recommend it and they was so generous with there portions We have already said to each other that if there is an afterlife we want to come back as there cheese rolls


Gem Turkish and Kurdish Restaurant

St Mary's, Islington
13/03/2020: Set menu was way overpriced. Every veggie option was overcooked and under seasoned. Ended up spending about 30 quid for slathers of cold mezze , the mains were very underwhelming. Would not recommend.
06/03/2020: Tuvimos una cena encantadora para nuestro personal la noche de Navidad. La comida era deliciosa y las bebidas geniales. Solo unos pocos problemas con el personal un poco lento en la obtención de bebidas y un miembro del personal es grosero, pero una vez abordado con la gerencia todo resuelto.Brillante tener música y, por supuesto, la bailarina del vientre fue una gran adición.Tener las comidas con bebidas incluidas fue una idea brillanteGracias por una tarde divertida


Enfield Art Cafe

Aldersgate,Cheap, City of London,Westminster
28/12/2019: Went in for a nice breakfast with my child. Ordered eggs florentine. The spinach was thick with salt. it was inedible. I told the manager I couldn't eat it and it actually put me off ordering anything else. All I could taste was salt. She kept repeating no salt was added to the spinach. I asked if it was fresh or tinned. She implied it was fresh (which is what it seemed to be). I said if it was fresh, then salt must have been added. This isn't just a taste issue; a lot of people can't have salt in their diets for health reasons such as high blood pressure or heart conditions, hence why salt is on the table to add to taste after it is cooked. And these were really high levels of salt. I found this manager patronising. She didn't concede the point and it felt that it was turning into an argument. It took her a long time to actually apologise for this poor dining experience. She said she wouldn't charge me for the meal (which I would not expect her to). When I asked if she was going to offer a discount on the rest of the meal or a voucher as a good will gesture, she refused. When I went up to pay and leave, I asked for her to confirm that she was not going to offer any gesture of good will for this poor dining experience. She kept repeating that she couldn't. She was patronising and unhelpful; rather than acknowledging what had gone wrong and making an effort to correct it. When pushed, she said that she could have offered the coffee for free (but then didn't!). It started to feel like she was enjoying being unhelpful and dragging this incident into an argument. I asked again if she was the manager; apparently yes. I asked her for her directors' contact details and for her name. She gave me their email but not her name so I then had to ask her again for her name which she gave (Gemma). At this point I just wanted to pay and leave rather than feel I was in an endless back and forth with someone who just didn't have the right attitude or flexibility to be front of house. But still she seemed to want to repeat herself like a robot rather than do the right thing. Just as I'd paid, she said in a voice dripping with sarcasm and arrogance, Thank you for a lovely experience and have a lovely day. At which point, my patience was finally lost and I told her where to go. What a horrible individual. And what an appalling experience of customer service.
04/09/2019: i love the ambience of this cafe, the food is alright but overall the experience is what really makes it special


Crystal Kebab - Kings Cross

Aldersgate,Cheap, City of London,Westminster
24/03/2020: 旅先で温かいものを食べるのは安心できます。CRYSTAL KEBAB(19.50)は焼き上がるまで時間がかかりましたが、満足できる美味しさでした。
05/03/2020: The title says it all really.... even my wife (who doesn't like Doner Kebabs) had a bite of mine and says she now likes them.. Can't wait to visit Kings Cross again


Onur Kebab House

Fullwell, Redbridge
21/02/2020: Was passing by with a friend and decided to give Onur a try. Friendly, helpful waitress, Myrel, brought over fresh pita bread and several dips. We then shared a tasty creamy garlic mushroom starter and for main courses both had Lamb Doner, chips and salad. The meal was very enjoyable and restaurant pretty busy for a Monday evening. Good food, portions, value and helpful service, will certainly return.
02/11/2019: These clowns are total amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing.I waited 30mins for a takeaway in the shop and people coming in before me got their food first.The guy on the till has a really bad rude attitude.I walked out and went next door where I got my food in 2 minutes. I don’t need bad attitude and junk service.There’s lots of competition on Barkingside hi street and Onur needs to learn that they just a cheap Kebab shop.Avoid and go elsewhere. The food is mediocre.I suggest they go to Hala on Green Lanes Haringey to find out what decent Turkish should like. Fail.


Manor Kebabs

Manor, Hillingdon
17/02/2020: Absolutely bad experience. Went in my young daughter. Asked for a doner with separate salad with a few green chillies on top of the doner. The person serving us didn't do what we asked him. Then the old Turkish guy behind the counter started talking to in Turkish facing away from us. I asked him what he was saying in a foreign language then he started hurling abuse at saying you're demanding. If you don't like it go somewhere else. I said if you had listened in the first place and done what we had asked you then that would have been better. He carried on talking in Turkish. I said to him talkin in English because who knows what abuse you're hurling at us in you own language. He had no decency to apologise for his mistake but had the nerve to be rude and insulting. What the hell does he think he is if he can't show customer service then he's in wrong job. Bad people bad service, make up you're own mind....
21/12/2019: The prices have just gone up yet again, I'm sure that's twice in 1 year, making Manor Kebabs the most expensive in the borough. The meat is often under cooked, you only have to look at past reviews to see that. The chilli sauce is different every time, one time its spicy the next is mild another it has no flavour just chillies, it would be nice to stick to a recipe. Nearly £8 (all but 5p) for a large doner.

Not rated

Milano Kebab And Pizza House

Downham, Lewisham
01/07/2019: He pedido 3 kebap uno sin verdura otro sin tomate y otro normal , me han traído los 3 iguales , el trato deja mucho que desear , me han cobrado de más un keba por quitarle las verduras , vergonzoso y lo peor me han traído los 3 kebap iguales a pesar de repetirles 3 veces el pedido escuchando la atención que me ponen mientras habla con dos personas más jamar volveré a pedir en ese sitio , maleducados y poco eficientes ! Gracias
27/04/2019: Just had a food delivery of almost cold food with almost 3 bits of limp lettuce that is they call salad A very poor choice of restaurant on my part be warned

Not rated

Barnet Star Kebab House

East Barnet, Barnet
14/02/2020: Placed an order via Just Eat. Driver called to say he couldn’t find the address then refused to come back so we had to walk to him. His attitude was disgusting and ruined the meal. Called to complain, manager sided with driver after speaking to him in Turkish. Will never order from there again. Shocking.
31/10/2019: Been a customer for seven years. Very nice guys that work here. Whenever there’s a problem they are very quick to resolve it and make it right. They are very descent people.

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