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The best restaurantsof tapas in South East

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Mango Thai Tapas

Bevois, Southampton, >100£
16/06/2019: We have been using here for over ten years and every time we are here the food is excellent and so is the service
10/06/2019: Myself and my partner went out for a celebratory meal, as I got a New job that day. He said he went there 3 years ago and the food was really good... But it clearly was not anymore. On their site and on front of their menus it says that they cater for allergys and will do their best to change things so you can eat them. I myself have a severe soya allergy, but love going out for Thai food. Wed booked a table and upon arrival we were sat down in the middle of the tiniest restaurant and I asked for the allergen guide, a waitress brought it over for us and we ordered a bottle of wine whilst we looked through it. It took about 30 minutes to figure out what I could eat, as half of the items on the allergen were under a different name than they were on the menu and some weren't there at all. The waitress kept going back and forth to the kitchen to ask what was in their food. We finally ordered our food and asked for some prawn crackers whilst we waited, the crackers didn't arrive and 10 minutes later another waitress passed a piece of paper over my shoulder and said the allergy info was wrong your going to have to re order your food! It took us a further 20 mins to figure out what I could actually eat and the waitress again had to keep going back to the kitchen. This did not give me much faith in the kitchen that they weren't going to kill me! After we had finally ordered our food, we waited a further 10 minutes and still no prawn crackers, I asked another waitress who said in a minute not now. We got brought our crackers and some plates, then we got our starters FINALLY! by this point we're both starving. But they were horrible and really greasy! We had prawn toast, veg spring rolls and prawn sticks. Our mains then came out we ordered a Thai red curry and green curry both with beef and a side of egg fried rice, we hadn't even taken a bite and a waitress asked if everything was okay (we clearly don't know yet, you can see that). The rice smelled like my dogs stinky breath, when he's due a teeth clean! I felt sick just from the smell coming from it. Both curry's smelt horrible too and the beef was really dry and chewy!! We both had 2 mouth fulls and couldn't eat the food! I felt really hot and sick at this point. I grabbed the attention of a passing waiter and told him the food was horrible and smelt like dog, he apologised and said hell take the food of the bill. As he cleared the plates away he dropped sweet chilli sauce all over the girl on the table next us (her brand new dry clean only coat was ruined). This couple was also sat an elbow away from us!! We left and only paid for the starters and wine, but even they weren't worth the money! I hardly touched the starters and the rest were dropped on the floor by the waiter. As soon as we left I was sick outside and really didn't feel well and my partner was up all night with it as well! This is one of the worst restaurants I've ever been too! We didn't have just one server either there were about 5 (there was only around 10 tables in the whole restaurant, why did they need so many staff). I do not recommend this place at all, Do not go there to eat! I wouldn't be surprised if we had, had food poisoning! From what happened the next day as well. The staff had absolutely no knowledge of the allergen guide or what was in their food and they couldn't even provide me with correct allergen information. I am surprised I didn't go into anaphylaxis then and there!! This meal ruined an amazing day for me!!! The staff clearly need re menu training and need to know the correct allergen procedures and follow them!! Such a bad experience! The worst ever review I have written.


The Restaurant at The Pig

Brockenhurst and Forest South East, New Forest
18/06/2019: I had wanted to try The Pig for some time and visiting relatives provided the excuse. It looks lovely as you drive in, people were sitting on the lawn and we had a drink on the terrace before the unseasonal chill drove us inside. The ambience inside is also very attractive, lots of wood and glass and mismatched furniture. Plenty of space between diners.
17/06/2019: The food continues to be delicious and faultless, and the staff were as helpful and attentive as ever. However, we were shown to our table 45 mins after the booking and despite the complimentary 'bites' provided as an apology, it meant we ate far too late to truly enjoy the dinner and felt rushed. Moreover, having been to the pig on several occasions, while it is understandable why this is a go-to-destination, it has become incredibly busy and chaotic. The pig used to be a beloved destination for us however it has somewhat lost its charm.


Clayton's Marlow

Marlow North and West, Wycombe, <20£
11/06/2019: Four of us booked in for Monday evening cinema, it was excellent- started off with a cheeky cocktail before the movie, and ordered our food, food arrived in good time and was absolutely delicious, the chicken burger was so tasty. Lovely atmosphere- will definitely go again, and if you haven’t been before try it- you won’t be disappointed
20/05/2019: Came here for drinks... the cocktails were great... it was quiet but a really nice time. What else to say.



Hotham, Arun
13/06/2019: The restaurant has had a face lift and updated the Menu, this is a lot better than the old one, and a lot of the staff have changed .much more friendly. So now good food and a very good service.
13/06/2019: Really lovely food ,and also really nice people ,definitely recommend the food and company ,very friendly


The Dell Cafe

Nettlestone and Seaview, Isle of Wight
17/06/2019: The food is fabulous, the views are breathtaking, lovely sunny day for sitting by the sea, eating wonderful, fresh food
01/06/2019: Had a very delicious lunch here with my friend. Beautiful area to sit in the sun and look at the beach. I had a seafood wrap which was delicious. Definitely worth a visit


La Botija

Warlingham East and Chelsham and Farleigh, Tandridge
04/06/2019: very good tapas but boy it is expensive, if it was only better value it would be on the frequent visit list - good atmosphere on Friday nights
31/05/2019: I absolutely LOVE this restaurant. The best tapas restaurant I have been too! The food is amazing. Would definitely recommend. Also perfect to host parties as they have a separate bar/function room upstairs. Staff are lovely, very welcoming.


Brighton Music Hall Restaurant

Regency, Brighton and Hove
11/06/2019: Excelentes comunicadores de Sophie en el período previo al evento: tiene mucha experiencia y se centró en hacer que la noche saliera bien. En la noche todo fue como un reloj y pude realmente disfrutar de la noche. El elemento real por encima de las expectativas fue la amabilidad de todo el personal, especialmente Saul y Deborah (y lo siento, pero me olvido del nombre del cantinero italiano). Todo muy educado, eficiente, dispuesto a ayudar y divertido. El lugar es uno de los mejores en el paseo marítimo.
29/05/2019: Hace poco tuvimos una fiesta de compromiso aquí, el personal es muy servicial, Sophie planeó todo para nosotros y Nick fue muy rápido para resolver nuestros cambios en la reserva en el día (agregamos invitados adicionales con un aviso mínimo). La música era genial y la comida estaba deliciosa! ¡Gracias de nuevo!

Not rated


Westgate, Canterbury, 30-45£
03/08/2016: Me sal por mis padres me visitan en la universidad, en primer lugar yo no entiendo muy bien el concepto de comedor estilo tapas con clásicos inglés pero he de decir que funciona de maravilla. La verdad es que, como han mencionado en otras críticas, puede ser más caro que otros restaurantes en Canterbury, pero este era un problema con la calidad de la comida y el servicio que recibimos.
30/06/2016: Went in to try and confirm reservation made 2 days in advance. Uncontactable by phone or e-mail, don't reply to messages by phone or email. No one who could help when attended to confirm on morning of intended visit. Went somewhere else. Shame.

Not rated

Beach View

Regency, Brighton and Hove
05/05/2016: Fui a la playa a cenar con mi familia después de un largo día caminando por Brighton. Estábamos cansados y era un poco tarde. Además, mis padres son 'exigente amantes', así que no estaba ni siquiera comida asiática una opción. No había muchos lugares abierto en ese momento, así que nos fuimos todos a Brighton para encontrar un lugar donde cenar. Finalmente, terminamos en este restaurante. Debo decir que no es muy buena desde el exterior, pero que sirve tapas españolas y queríamos probar ellos (somos españoles).
26/04/2016: Fuimos en una oferta conjunta de cumpleaños y tenía una buena selección de tapas en este restaurante griego. Una camarera amable pero estaba muy concurrido los domingos. Una buena oportunidad de probar platos diferentes en las sabrosas salsas. Mi consejo sería que se pegan a la cocina griega.

Not rated

K'Sue'Raa Coffee Bar

Chandler's Ford East, Eastleigh
25/05/2015: Such a friendly place, serve lovely light meals and drinks, and glorious cakes. I always have a poached egg on toast , they use brilliant bread and do the eggs to perfection


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