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The best restaurantsof portuguese in South East

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Nando's - Brighton Marina

Rottingdean Coastal, Brighton and Hove
07/03/2019: Having never been to nandos before, I thought I would give it ago on my sons request.
25/02/2019: Hadn’t been for a while and was very disappointed, me & my 2 friends went together and order at the same time, I was advised there was a 20 minute wait. I chased up twice with very rude responses - one young lady very rude, 5ft 4in with a long brown ponytail (possibly called Becky but couldn’t be sure) gave me a rude response ‘it’s coming!’ and when the food did arrive she slammed it down on the table. Our starters arrived very speedy and once we finished my friends got their mains straight away with me waiting a further 35 minutes. My friends feeling very awkward trying to eat their dinner slowly waiting for mine to arrive. No check back was done and when I was waiting for my food their was no follow up to inform me how long it would be. Certainly will not be going down for a while. Very very disappointed as I’ve always been happy with Nando’s.


Nando's - Portsmouth

St Thomas, Portsmouth
13/02/2019: Situated two doors up from the multiplex cinema in the heart of Gunwharf Quays, the current shopping centre of Portsmouth, Nando's is a bright and bustling restaurant. While you can expect to wait up to 25 minutes or more at peak times, the communal seating area is comfortable with a friendly and excitable atmosphere and a great place for people watchers of the world.
12/02/2019: I have been coming to Nando’s for a long time and it has always impressed me with their food. Service is good and friendly staff.


Nando's - Crawley

Langley Green, Crawley
11/03/2019: Went with family as got a voucher for Christmas... Wouldn't go if had to pay for full meal out my pocket.
10/03/2019: We popped in for a birthday lunch and, as always, the food was consistently first class; fresh, hot and delicious! Great to see a restaurant that considers the environment- no more plastic straws and paper straws only available on request. Love the bottomless soft drinks. The staff could not be more attentive and efficient.



Eastleigh Central, Eastleigh
10/03/2019: Nice clean restaurant, good service (especially as it was very busy), well timed check back too.
27/02/2019: A couple of colleagues were talking about going to Nando’s but didn’t know what to get. Agreed to help being an old veteran and loving their chicken. Food is of a good constant standard and the staff are friendly and helpful. I also get Nhs discount so win win all round!!


Nando's - Basingstoke

Eastrop, Basingstoke and Deane, <20£
11/03/2019: Ate here with my husband on a Sunday lunch time, had to wait for a table, but not for long so all fine. We both ordered the butterfly chicken with fries and coleslaw as we usually find this the most filling! Well, have to say was very disappointed with the food on this occasion, my chicken was tiny and the skin was not crispy at all so I had to remove it, along with all the flavouring. Came with about 10 chips, most of the plate was taken up with the bowl of coleslaw. Was very disappointed as left wanting more, didn't feel it was good value for money at all. Don't think we will bother going here again.
25/02/2019: I went to Nandos a couple of weeks ago (February 2019). The food as always was great but the wait time and the misinformation by staff was bad. Told to come back in 10minutes and a table would be ready and when we returned we saw the waitlist actually had 20minutes written on it and we had to wait longer. Food took 29minutes to deliver to the table from order and there seemed to be a lack of waiting staff as the chef counter was filled with plates ready to go to tables. No checkback was done and no apology or explanation given to our table for the lateness. I have written to Nandos directly with feedback but received no response. Read into that what you will.


Nando's - Xscape Milton Keynes

Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, 20-30£
11/02/2019: Nando’s tend to be very similar in food quality. This is above average in service. We were greeted by friendly staff and efficiently served. This restaurant has a nice atmosphere and is bright and airy. Food was excellent.
02/01/2019: Really nice place to have a meal with the family. This time we tried eating outside. Still delicious food, great customer service and a wonderful scenery from where we sat. 100% gotta visit again and outside seating for sure.

Not rated

Peri Peri Original Slough

Upton, Slough
09/07/2018: Waited for ages just to find out they had given my paid meals to the incorrect person, who made a runner. These guys struggle with large orders, food is good but I won’t be coming back.
11/05/2018: From the moment I walked in I knew I would have a bad experience. The tables that had no diners sitting at them were covered in rubbish, no one had come out to clean them. I ordered my food, a half pounder meal, and asked the guy at the counter to clean the table we were sat at. He replied that there are tables for us to sit at. We told him that we would like to sit at that specific table.

Not rated

Peri-Peri Original

Aylesbury Central, Aylesbury Vale
01/01/2019: Ordered from here with some mates and god a call soon after advising they had no lamb donner which 3 of us ordered. After some confusion we sorted out some alternative grub. Food arrived after 40 minutes as stated and was pretty tasty. My one squibble would be that I paid 40p for garlic sauce which I’m still waiting for. All in all pretty good food and decent service with a smile. 8/10 would order again.
16/12/2018: Called to inform them that I wasn't happy with the food just to let them know for future reference. But rather than getting a apology I got a young male arguing with me like a kid. I don't know why i expected decent food from here when there are rude, immature boys servicing. Literally 0 customer service and dry food! avoid! Not worth wasting your money!

Not rated

Restaurant Madeira

St James', Tunbridge Wells
12/07/2017: Great little restaurant with some very tasty dishes. The chicken is fresh and the side dishes have a home cooked feel about them. Nice friendly service
11/07/2017: The food here is wonderful. Home cooked and served by a husband and wife team. Their daughter also helps in the restaurant.

Not rated

Nandos Chickenland

Upton, Slough
22/01/2019: I came and it was pretty much empty. I ordered 2 half chickens and it came really quickly and tasted fresh.
02/10/2018: We came to Nando’s for “fast food” as we were going to the cinema next door. It wasn’t particularly busy and they didn’t seem understaffed but they were so slow taking the order. We then sat at our table and looked at our food under the hot plate for ages and ages. I went and asked one of the staff who was standing around chatting to the people in the kitchen to bring us our food. But they didn’t. We then watched them remove chips from one of the plates where we’d ordered rice so one of the plates arrived with a few chips under the rice. Most of the chicken was cold and dry. If we hadn’t paid beforehand I wouldn’t have paid.... and we were late for our film despite allowing over an hour for “fast food”.

Not rated


Aylesbury Central, Aylesbury Vale
30/08/2015: Best coffee in Aylesbury. Great little cafe with lovely homemade cakes and friendly service. Will be going back soon.
02/07/2015: Este lugar portugués en Aylesbury es uno de los mejores que he visto hasta ahora y sabor.

Not rated

Cafe Goa

Bargate, Southampton
11/06/2016: This is my favourite place to get my lunch on Fridays and sometimes Saturday's! They are a really nice couple as the wraps are absolutely delicious.
15/11/2015: I've been eating there almost every Saturday and their wraps are very good sized and tasty! It's a real shame they're not allowed in during Christmas Market!


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