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The best restaurantsof pizza & pasta in St Albans East of England

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Prezzo - St Albans

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St Peters, St Albans, 30-45£
19/09/2018: We were in St Albans to meet our daughter & had booked a table here for an evening meal on Tues 7 August. It was a very warm evening so we chose a lovely table outside. Our waitresses were friendly & polite. All of our meals were very nice. My wife has a dairy & gluten free diet & the restaurant was able to accommodate this. We would eat here again when next in the area.
15/09/2018: Arrived 1pm. Able to order at 1.15. Food arrived 2pm. Pizza, lasagne and plate of pasta shouldn't take this long. No apology from staff.


Pizza Express

Harpenden West, St Albans, 20-30£
19/07/2019: The food and vibe is wonderful - especially in summer with the outside, green seating area! However at my recent visit - and my one before - we were left waiting an astronomically long time to be served, and to get the bill, and then to pay, which was a real shame because the waitresses were really lovely!
14/07/2019: Wrong drinks, wrong food, then they didn't have what we wanted. Been to others in the chain, usually better. Just think this was a one off therefore 3* - if i had not been to other sites before would have been less


Domino's Pizza Harpenden

Harpenden West, St Albans
14/07/2019: The pizza at this branch in particular to me, always arrives luke warm. But today, I've had enough!!. I'll no longer order from this branch again.
29/06/2019: As a delivery pizza place, I believe the costs should be suitable for teens! The prices are extremely high and although the pizzas are nice, the price almost doesn't make it worth it! Through delivery I have found that it is mostly reliable, but on busy days especially, they are terrible at giving you updates and the pizza can arrive hours after you were originally expecting it.


Pizza Express

Verulam, St Albans, 20-30£
01/06/2019: Arrived just before midday on a Saturday. There was a few tables occupied but it still took over 40 minutes before the doughballs came out from the kitchen. (first lot was burnt apparently) .
24/05/2019: Went here to grab breakfast but were seated in a hidden place off to the left where customers go to die. no atmosphere, no views, no good. We left sharpish without even a morsel passing our lips.It seems even if you book your face has to fit. apols experience.

Not rated

TGF Pizza

Ashley, St Albans
07/09/2018: We ordered from here as people we have used previously for delivery decided they no longer delivered to the same address. The order turned up quickly and was both piping hot and tasty bar the garlic bread which had no taste of garlic whatsoever.
17/08/2018: Driver complained that he couldn't find our office building even though we left him clear and concise directions in the 'driver instructions' section. He told me that the drivers don't always get given the instructions (which I'm not sure is the customers fault...) and told me many of their drivers don't read english anyway, so the instructions don't help (again, pretty sure thats the employers issue not ours?). Bear in mind when I asked him if he read english, he confirmed that he could, so I was somewhat confused by his line of reasoning. He then proceeded to say that I should leave my phone number in the 'drivers instruction' section (that they don't always get given...) so he could ring me for directions in the future. This would have made sense had he not already left me five voicemails, indicating he already had access to my phone number. Usually I would answer, but the pizza was delivered 15minutes earlier than scheduled and I was still in a meeting. Bottom line, if he had not mentioned anything we would have all presumed that he was just a very efficient and speedy delivery man. As it happens, he decided to point fingers at everyone other than himself and now we are now taking our business to Farmhouse Pizza instead - longer distance, but better customer service. Service at TGF seems to have declined gradually over the last twelve months or so.

Not rated

Cheerz Pizza

Clarence, St Albans
06/05/2019: Should have known better than to order from here. Meat is 99% fat. Food tastes funky - to put it politely. Please order else where, it’s cheap but not cheerful.
09/08/2017: Pizzas are OK, not excellent but good value for money. Better option than Papa Johns. I'd recommend they invest in more quality ingredients, like good mozzarella cheese and less salt. Even if that means charging more. For cheap, downmarket pizzas made from low quality ingredients people can always go across the road. Better to raise your game higher than the competition.

Not rated

Tops Pizza

Cunningham, St Albans
04/07/2019: It is not that often I get a pizza these days but I always go to tops pizza on London road. The pizzas are fantastic and very well priced I will always get my pizza from Tops.
15/04/2019: Go to pizza place in hertfordshire, staff are always polite and lovely, amazing prices in which I have never been disappointed! :)

Not rated

Pizza Go Go

St Peters, St Albans
18/07/2019: I don’t eat meat, ordered quorn strips (battered like kfc kinda) and when i bit into it it was chicken. Extremely distraught about it, would be awful for someone who may be intolerant to something if they don’t give you what you order.
31/12/2018: The pizza is definitely different to what I would class as the typical American takeaway pizza. However, is still decent enough. Is not my favourite pizza place in the area but I would order again. They are the latest opening takeaway in St Albans. The curly fries are very nice however the potato wedges are sometimes tough to chew.

Not rated

Papa Johns

Clarence, St Albans
19/04/2019: Whilst staying in St Albans for the Easter bank holiday,i decided to order a lunchtime delivery here. The freshness of the pizza and ingredients was perfect,absolutely mouthwatering delicious. The delivery wasn't that long either and both the value and service was impressive. To be recommended. I'll definitely use this firm again.
06/04/2019: Papa johns stuff have registered us with with some online scam costing us £15 a month. We can prove it's them as the card wasn't used anywhere else- this was the first and last time we've used this card. THEVES

Not rated


St Peters, St Albans
22/01/2019: In desperation for something cheap I went in - ordered the classic melt, they put it together quickly but then the till would not work, so I waited for approx. 10 minutes until it still did not work . Paid cash and got change from a slush fund box, so my food was cold and pretty crappy by the time I got to eat it...
29/09/2018: I went into this branch and asked for a Diet Coke. The server looked at me strangely. I explained I didn’t want a sandwich, just a drink please. He looked away and began talking to his colleague in a foreign language for a number of minutes, seemingly confused by my order. I said again that I’d just like a drink, but the server ignored me. After standing at the counter a little while longer, I ended up walking out. I told the server not to worry about the drink as I’d go elsewhere, he didn’t even acknowledge me!


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