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The white horse hotel

Rottingdean Coastal, Brighton and Hove
03/10/2020: I was disgusted by the managers reply to my complaint. Instead of apologising he/she has claimed that my complaints were not justified!!It states "our app is very user friendly". Well clearly it is NOT as it took us 1hr 15mins to download it and operate..and we are techno savvy.Also you said we would have cooked the steak "to your liking". Well it did come as my liking .....rare. But it was tough.....I have NEVER had a rare steak which was should be tender. So clearly it was bad quality meat, maybe not even 'sirloin' as stated on the menu. There is nothing that can be done with bad quality meat to make it good!!
27/09/2020: It was a beautiful day and we had just walked from Brighton along the undercliff walk. So we were starving when we arrived. We were told we had to order on the app. This was EXTREMELY difficult to download and use. We were getting more and more frustrated but nobody offered us any help. We finally managed to order 1hr and 15 mins after ordering. What was supposed to be an enjoyable 'reward' after our long walk had become very stressful.I ordered a sirloin steak, rare. It was not good, very tough. I don't know how the chef had managed to make a rare steak tough....or maybe was bad quality meat to start with. Usually I would have sent it back, it was expensive too. However, the reason I didnt was because bu then I was SO hungry, also after the stress of the app I didnt want any more stress by complaining.To add insult to injury, after ordering we saw the table next to us ordering directly with the waitress!!! We had been told it was compulsory to order via the app!


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