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The best restaurantsof hamburgers in North Wales

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Buccaneer Burger Bar

Tywyn, Gwynedd
16/05/2019: Very Very tasty Cheese burgers , Clean , hygienic cooking and serving Kiosk. Very friendly staff . Seems to be a popular place to eat ,with holiday makers locals and local contractors etc
02/10/2018: Great little place. Friendly gentleman doing the cooking , great chips & I enjoyed my vegetable burger. My husband & daughter said the welsh lamb burgers also tasty & they do a good cup of tea. Will call again when in Tywyn



Seiont, Gwynedd
10/05/2019: I called at the drive through on the way through to Dinas Dinlle. As I’m vegetarian, I ordered a egg and cheese McMuffin meal. Being on the way to meet some work colleagues for a charity day I didn’t check my order there and then. Half way there I had ate my hash brown, so was looking forward to my main breakfast. To my horror it was a double sausage McMuffin, with extra bacon to add insult to injury! I returned at lunch to get a refund. For saying what experience I had, I was very calm. While the manager apologised and offered to replace the meal, I wanted a refund. What I was gob smacked at was being challenged why I didn’t return that morning?! Ironically on the way back, Radio 2 were interviewing a family who’d lost their daughter because of a fast food lets incompetence for taking into account food allergies. While that’s an extreme example to use, this place should take more notice of specific dietary needs and not trying to turn the situation on me because I didn’t fit into their timeline. Or accept their first resolution! Very disappointed and upset over this incident. Would never return here again or recommend.
08/05/2019: Me & Hubby went here for a late lunch today (Wednesday). We parked at the back following the one-way system. We read the banner promoting the great tastes of America. We didn't use the digital screens. We went to the counter and placed our order (we like human interaction). The young lady was pleasant and helpful. Our food was prepared fast (as you would expect). The total bill came to £10.58 which Hubby was able to pay by card (contactless). We helped ourselves to ketchup and serviettes. We sat down at a table for 2. Hubby enjoyed his large burger meal (quarter-pounder with cheese, fries & a drink of tea). My large wrap meal was very good (grilled sweet chilli chicken, fries & a tea). The staff were constantly clearing the tables (I wish customers would make the effort to do their own re-cycling).



Whitford, Flintshire
20/05/2019: I’m afraid that the toilets were a mess which showed a lack of pride in the place. The quarter pounder was quite tasteless but for £5.15 or something who is complaining? They gave me as much ketchup as I wanted.
17/04/2019: All McDonald’s are the same, same layout, same menus, it was clean ( cleaning staff busy ) and same prices.


McDonald's Holyhead

Kingsland, Isle of Anglesey
27/03/2019: This is a typical McDonalds easily located on the approach to Holyhead Town Centre, but for the last 4 months (poss even longer) there have been 2 rare Hooded Crows in residence (should be in Scotland!) which has been attracting twitchers to gain a Tick as they scoffed a burger!
19/02/2019: poor customer service. got told to leave the minute we sat down, and they refused to serve us, they mistaken us as a different group of people and never even checked the cameras.


McDonalds Restaurant

Abergele Pensarn, Conwy
29/04/2019: This is a pretty standard McDonald's but for a drive through the service was incredibly slow with most of the users having to wait on a car park with not enough spaces to park in. The food wasn't hot when it arrived. Obviously I can't say it's like this all the time but I wasn't impressed by this visit
27/04/2019: Speaking as someone who used to work for McDonald’s. I thought it was vile that the two girls on booth 3 had a lot of hair coming out of the front of their hats as well as no hair net on their actual pony tail. I understand they’re not working on the line in kitchen but I for one do not want hair in and around my food.



Dewi, Gwynedd
30/03/2019: Generally this place was ok but recently has gone down hill. Fries are getting smaller and soggier every time I visit. Their burgers looks like they are thrown together.
25/03/2019: Usual mc donalds food. Hundreds of staff but still the order was wrong. Only some customers offered table service. Not sure why this was. However met the lovely manager, who was a really nice guy.



Mold West, Flintshire
22/05/2019: Worst Macdonalds in the whole UK. Staff are rude and very unhelpful. There is a particular staff member a large woman who is always on the window no smile no hi nor bye just a ugly upset face who's flings your food at you.
16/05/2019: Stopped for a quick lunch, ordered big Mac meal , the fries were in a box and we're definately not the right amount, I counted 12 fries in a practically empty box and the big Mac had 3 pieces of lettuce on it.



Flint Coleshill, Flintshire
30/05/2019: Stopped at Mcdonalds for a quick snack
11/05/2019: Pedestrian entrance is a little dangerous as you have to cross the drive through road from the car park.



Tudno, Conwy
11/05/2019: Visited on Sat 4th May as we were just looking for a quick snack.
09/05/2019: Worst McDonald’s ever. Would drive to junction over here every time. The last three happy meals have had 3 nuggets in them rather than four! Today they send me away with a happy meal that contained only two packets of small fries! Always cold. Always tastes like rubber. Always waiting for ages. Sort your game out McDonald’s because your rubbish. Don’t eat here. Go to the Junction or KFC. Nasty food dozy staff


Burger King

Smithfield, Wrexham
28/05/2019: I've never experienced service this bad anywhere before staff literally couldn't listen were rude and got our order wrong. Pulled up to the drive thru which was empty and still had to wait 5 minutes to order. Our order or more to the point what we requested were 2 bacon double cheese burger meals with a vanilla and strawberry milkshake. "no shakes" replied the woman out of machine, so I requested sprite "no sprite" okay 2 cokes. Get to the pay kiosk £15.60 odd?????? I asked what for she ignorantly replied for your 2 bacon double cheese xl meals. So I notified here that we did not order the xl meal she simply said "oh" and did not acknowledge what we were saying. So we ender up paying ridiculous money for something we didn't even ask for.
28/04/2019: £6:50 for a Double bacon cheeseburger meal, Burger was Tiny and disappointing, had about 10 Fries and the Coke was flat! Nice one Burgerking! 🍔🍟

Not rated


Pensarn, Conwy
20/03/2019: Hubby and me went here for our tea on Tuesday (after visiting The Cinema). Parking is easy and free (as long as you park correctly). The staff were efficient and friendly. Hubby ordered a bacon double cheese burger, large fries, large tea. I ordered a fiery buffalo grilled chicken wrap, large fries, large tea. The total bill came to £9.86 which we were able to pay by card (contactless). The meals were soon prepared. We ate inside as it was clean and tidy. We both enjoyed our food and thought it was very good value for the money.
25/01/2019: Food was average until I noticed a parking ticket on my car for £100. This was because I was parked over the white lines.

Not rated


Shotton Higher, Flintshire
27/04/2019: I ordered my food and got no mozarella stiks but still got charged for them so i am not happy with what i got .
15/03/2019: The young lady on d/a with red hair with name badge on her called Karla is very very polite, amazing worker she is absolutely brilliant with customers. I think she needs an award for her fanastic hard work . The d/a is always clean tidy she works very very hard worker I would recommend her fantastic worker I will give her due from jessy walker


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