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The best restaurantsof hamburgers in Yorkshire and The Humber

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Byron High Ousegate

1 offer
Guildhall, York
18/12/2018: My boyfriend had raved about this place for months so when we came to York and saw it thought we might as well.
17/12/2018: I normally see a Byrons in new developments so it was a nice change to be in one that was in an old building rather than a brand spanking new unit. Good service and lovely burger and coffee. Nice venue



1 offer
City and Hunslet, Leeds, <20£
17/12/2018: Probably the worst experience in Leeds yet. If you need the "sorry we don't have what you want' this is the place to be. Obviously in need of a better senior team. Shocked to find an undercooked burger arrive at our table and then the chef's replacement being charcoaled. Thanks but won't be coming back.
13/12/2018: This was the first visit in a long time and the first visit for my partner.


Handmade Burger Co.

Darnall, Sheffield
14/12/2018: visited handmade burger for tea, nothing special, a little pricey for what you got, had veggie burger, very slopey and fell apart whist eating it, friend had meat burger again fell apart and was very messy to eat, been once will be a long time before going back if everl
12/12/2018: Wow! Was so surprised to see the amount of vegan/vegetarian options this restaurant has! Was lovely food and even one of the servers was vegan, she recommended what we ate and we ended up chatting for ages! Lovely ❤️


Handmade Burger Co.

Myton, Kingston upon Hull, City of, <20£
19/11/2018: Not a bad burger, but not mind blowing. Would I eat here again? Maybe not, your money would be better spent somewhere with a bit more atmosphere and mire attention was spent on the food.
18/11/2018: Me and my partner visited the handmade burger co on the 17th of novermber for my birthday lunch.


Twisted Burger Company

Broomhill, Sheffield
01/12/2018: Esperamos más de 45 minutos para que llegara nuestra comida, recordándonos que habíamos hecho nuestro pedido. Las personas que llegaron después de nosotros fueron servidas y habían terminado de comer antes de que recibiéramos nuestras comidas. El DJ, que parecía estar practicando más tarde en la noche, tocaba música fuerte e intermitente. No es un buen ambiente mientras se trata de disfrutar de una comida. La comida era extremadamente mediocre por el precio que pagamos. No volvería de nuevo.
25/09/2018: The Twisted Burger Company at The Harley used to be a favourite for a laid back drink and reasonably priced burger. The burgers used to be some of the best in Sheffield but not any more. Although it’s always had a grungy, student feel to it the food made up for that. We visited in August and when we couldn’t get a table straight away decided to sit outside and have a drink while we waited for a table. Unfortunately most of the draft drinks were off and the only draft lager they had tasted rank so we left to eat elsewhere. On our most recent visit, and probably our last until things improve, we visited on a Saturday evening. The food took nearly an hour to arrive and when it did I thought straight away that it wasn’t going to be as hot as it should have been and unfortunately I was right, the burger and the pulled pork on top of it were lukewarm. lukewarm. The burgers also seem to have got smaller. I’d ordered the Pig Daddy Kane but asked for just one patty instead of the standard two and the waitress said she’d knock £1.50 off the bill which seemed fair enough. One of us asked if she could have some cheese sauce as she’d forgotten to order it and the waitress said sure, It’ll be a couple of mins, which would have been fine except when it didn’t arrive and we asked about it the waitress admitted she’d forgotten to put the order through. The nuclear cheese sauce subsequently arrived having probably been blasted in the microwave and was still bubbling like lava. Cold chips and boiling hot cheese sauce - not good. Worst of all though was my husbands burger, halfway through he hit a cold bit which he described as being like a block of ice. With no staff around he took it to the bar to complain and they took it off him. A few mins later his half eaten burger was returned to him with an explanation that the cold piece was a large piece of something cold, possibly not properly defrosted, from the apple jam on the burger and the actual burger was fine. No offer of a replacement or an alternative. Needless to say he didn’t fancy finishing off a burger that had been prodded and poked by the staff to figure out what the cold, unappetising lump was. I also left half of my lukewarm burger. When the waitress collected the plates and asked if everything had been ok we explained about my husbands burger. I decided not to mention mine based on the experience with complaining about the other burger. When the bill arrived they’d taken half off the cost of his burger and hadn’t charged for the molten lava cheese but had charged full price for mine. By this point we were fed up of complaining and just wanted to leave. The two veggie burgers our party had went down well as did the house fries but the beef burgers were awful and the service despite it not being busy was poor.


Handmade Burger Co

City and Hunslet, Leeds
14/12/2018: My review is NOT about the Leeds branch but about The Handmade Burger chain's head office wherever that may be. Having paid £16.95 for a £15 gift voucher + p&p; and not receiving it after two weeks I tried to locate their head office. In desperation my wife rang their restaurant in Leeds and spoke to an extremely helpful young lady who advised that they didn't have a phone number for their own head office but had to communicate by e-mail. My wife noted the e-mail address and sent off an e-mail asking for an explanation as to why no gift voucher had been received. No reply. The same e-mail has now been sent three times but still no reply. Having noted that payment was taken from my bank account we can only assume that they appear to be rip-0ff merchants. We feel sorry for all of their staff throughout the country and especially Leeds as I could not write this review without naming a location. So sorry Leeds!
30/11/2018: Molto buono. Locale carino, personale molto gentile e presente, servizio veloce. Gli hamburger sono come quelli che si possono mangiare anche negli altri locali di hamburger inglesi. Ho provato anche quello di pollo, che non era per niente male, forse anche meglio del solito hamburger. Nota particolare, le patatine Denver erano più che squisite.

Not rated

Handmade Burger Co

Darnall, Sheffield, <20£
24/01/2018: Not the greatest experience going. First lot of food the burgers were not cooked correctly, pink inside and took over 50 Minutes to arrive. On complaining we did get a replacement and this was within 5 minutes and this was acceptable. We were given free drinks to say sorry but when we went to pay was told we had to pay for them. Explained they were supposed to be free and they called the server over who agreed with us, but we was bluntly told we shouldn't have been offered drinks and they can only discount food and we would have to pay full price. I said well discount the food to the value then and was then told no as this wasn't actually offered originally.
08/01/2018: The burgers here are very nice and you can taste the quality in the meat. The service was OK and the milkshakes are lovely! I probably wouldn't have the mushroom and blue cheese burger again as I don't feel like the flavours complimented each other but my partners bbq burger was very nice. Overall good eat.

Not rated

Handmade Burger Company

Wakefield North, Wakefield
12/07/2017: been here twice, both times got the orders wrong , service staff asking too many times are things ok, food is good
13/05/2017: Great Burgers, all very fresh and tasty. Excellent customer service from Jasmine! Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Not rated

handmade burger Co.

Alwoodley, Leeds, >100£
09/10/2015: I came to Handmade Burger Company late one Sunday night. I placed my order with a very friendly (and pretty) woman, and when I went to pay I realized I didn't have my wallet. I was extremely distraught because my pocket was pulled out, leading me to assume I had been pick-pocketed. I remember feeling awkward and confused because I had to cancel everything I just requested. As I was leaving, she insisted I wait and had the kitchen whip up some chips (french fries) for me so I wouldn't have to go home without anything to eat. I was blown away at her thoughtfulness. What. An. Angel!Ultimately I realized I hadn't been pick-pocketed and had mistakenly left my wallet at my apartment, but I'll never forget the kindness that woman showed me. Her name is Amy Wade, and she deserves a promotion.Thanks again,Jake Babineaux
06/10/2015: We popped in for lunch on a Friday - the place was busy but not packed.We ordered a barbeque chicken burger and a Greek lamb pitta burger with a portion of chunky chips. This took over 1/2 hour to arrive which was longer than we expected.The lamb in the pitta burger was very dry and over cooked, the pitta was stale. The chicken in the chicken burger was OK when smothered in the sauce, however when you took away the sauce, this was obviously over cooked as well. The chips seemed to be the left over ones in the bottom of the bag. They were all really small and were not what I would expect for chunky chips.This was the first time we had been here and we won't be back. There are far nicer places to eat in Trinity.

Not rated

Burger and Bottle

Bingley, Bradford
05/05/2016: The owner here has changed this restaurant so many times and rebranded. It now seems to have closed for good with all the signage removed and the place empty. Shame as decent position in Bingley
26/11/2015: Best burgers in Bingley. Very fresh and very Tasty. Nicely washed down with a couple of beers. Very good value for money. Will be back very soon.

Not rated

The Cactus

Central, Scarborough
14/10/2018: Went ate in here last Saturday night with the kids after the waterpark. Really good selection to choose from and all reasonably priced, they even sell alcohol and provide waiter service! Good tasty food, typical pizza shop menu with a massive burger selection. The kids were given a Lilly after their meal which is a nice touch. Glad we came across this place. Would return and recommend this place to others :)
27/08/2018: I have been using this takeaway for quite some time on and off and have slowly seen the quality of the food decline. The chicken kebabs here used to be superb but now they are poor. I get the feeling that the owner has decided that rather than put up his prices he is making cuts in the quality of the food. I would personally pay the higher price. Used to be one of the best places in town now just average

Not rated

Urban Burger

Catterick, Richmondshire
28/09/2015: Service was very good. Food nice but felt like posh McDonalds. If you want healthy food this not right place to go but if you are craving for something fat and full of BQ its perfect place to enjoy family time.


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