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The best restaurantsof fast food in Glasgow and Surrounding

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Tony's Chip Shop

Coatbridge South, North Lanarkshire
11/11/2018: Music playing (& staff singing) on entering the shop gives the place a nice welcoming atmosphere. Chatty, friendly staff and place looks really clean. Chips were lovely too!
06/11/2018: We hired Tony’s van for our firework party on Saturday night.The van was situated at the back of the house and served 60 guests over 2 hours .The quality of the food served from the van was fabulous and the service was also fantastic.The Guys were amazing with the kids and their patter was as good as their fish.Will definently do again and can not recommend highly enough.



Partick West, Glasgow City, <20£
02/11/2018: After reading so many positive TA reviews about Honu we decided to give it a try. A great decision!
21/10/2018: Arrived here for an easy lunch with my partner and although it was quiet we decided to go in . The extremely friendly waiter was very helpful and delicious menu was great . We had prawn crackers, pineapple fries tempura style , and 3 small dishes of spicy squid with a soy sauce , prawn tempura , and chicken bites with a sweet sauce . I will return and have the poke dishes next time



Anderston / City, Glasgow City, <20£
12/12/2018: Martha's is a great spot for a takeaway lunch or for a quick sit down - the food is always fresh and tasty but portion sizes are never huge. A very popular spot for office staff around the city and no surprise as to why!
11/12/2018: Nice wee place for a casual snack - healthy with interesting variations. Been there a couple of times with my student niece and it suits us well. Not dinner out experience



Anderston / City, Glasgow City
28/09/2018: I ordered the Reuben. What I received looked nothing like the picture on the window outside or what I've had in proper New York deli's. The bread was stale and chewy as it had been heated in an industrial microwave oven. The sides of the bread were dry and over toasted. The filling wasn't much better, there seemed to be far less than the advertised half a pound of salt beef and what there was was dry, not the moist buttery texture that it should have.
07/06/2018: Visited for breakfast on a recent trip to Glasgow. Hubby’s bagel was fine but I couldn’t have been more disappointed.



Paisley North West, Renfrewshire
03/10/2018: I love Mcdonald's & the Linwood one is my closest & favourite, rarely have an issue with them, service & food is always good. Friendly helpful staff, just recently been refurbished to allow table service etc system seems to be working quite well!
25/08/2018: What can you say, McDonald's is McDonald's, a fast food franchise. We all know what to expect. Toilets were clean, eaten areas clean.


Mcdonald's Restaurants

Lomond, West Dunbartonshire
03/09/2018: This is always a stop on the way home from Loch Lomond. Always quick and never have had bad service. I am on a special diet and they are really helpful with coming up with something I can eat. Highly recommend this place.
25/08/2018: A warm bank holiday weekend - and no milkshakes..... Typical. Nothing else to be said really. Went to Starbucks instead.



Anderston / City, Glasgow City
03/12/2018: Even though the restaurant was busy the food was not very warm and definitely not fresh. There were several dirty tables that would put you off eating here. Not sure if this is due to lack of staff but needs to be addressed. Didn’t have time to complain in person as I was trying to catch a train but def won’t be back!
01/12/2018: Visited this McDonald’s on a couple of separate occasions, and each time I visit this McDonald’s branch I am always sick the next day. I am always fine with McDonald’s whenever I frequent any other branch, but this branch where Four Corners is seems to always make me sick the day after! I don’t know what this branch of McDonald’s does differently to other branches where I don’t end up throwing up the next day, but this branch of McDonald’s has a track record of making me sick the next day after dining here! I know that it is a McDonald’s and you get what you pay for, but for what I pay I still don’t expect to end up being sick the next day! Vile branch, if you’re going to dine at McDonald’s, at least go to another branch where you won’t end up sick the next day! Do not visit this branch unless you want to end up sick the next day!


Burger King

Anderston / City, Glasgow City
31/10/2018: Pedí una comida crujiente de hamburguesa de pollo, pedí que se agregara queso por el cual pagué extra y me cobraron dos veces, a mitad de camino a casa la hamburguesa no tenía queso. Conduje todo el camino de regreso a BK para luego ser atendido por un asistente bastante grosero y desagradable que me agarró la hamburguesa, regresa 2 - 3 minutos más tarde con mi hamburguesa, sin embargo, no me disculpo por haber regresado por algo que había ordenado originalmente . La capacitación en servicio al cliente debe ser altamente reiterada a la gente de Burger King Glasgow y la atención al detalle es una necesidad. !
23/10/2018: The amount £ spent on stream lining fast food establishments has been wasted on this one! they staff struggle to get things out, they miss items consistently, about the one thing they are super efficient at is missing items out! Have had meals with every burger missing!


McDonalds Restaurants Ltd

Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire
14/11/2018: I used to love this place before they started the "cook while you wait" service. When they started this it went downhill rapid.
25/10/2018: I’m ready for giving up with this place. Every time we order here the food comes with at least one item wrong. Tonight has just been too far. Usually if we ask for something plain, it still comes with everything on it or there’s a side item missing. Tonight they went so far as to forget putting the burger in my sons happy meal so all he got was fries and a toy! There’s 2 components to the happy meal my son chose, fries and a burger, it’s not that bloody difficult! Got home to a very upset 3yr old when he only had fries in his box. Luckily I had a burger that he could have instead but for a fast food restaurant who is famous for its happy meal, it wasn’t very happy tonight with half the food missing! Very much doubt I’ll even be back. The Dumbarton store is an absolute joke. At least Balloch McDonalds give you the right order 9 times out of 10, unlike this store where there’s always something missing or wrong.


Kirky Mahal

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North, East Dunbartonshire
27/07/2018: Decided to order a takeaway for a change and unusually ended up quite disappointed. Lamb dish and chicken dish were poor, might need to investigate a new option
22/05/2018: Great take away food! Flavoursome and cheap enough. The chicken pakora is especially good. Plenty of attentive staff



Anderston / City, Glasgow City
10/12/2018: Was hungry after a concert on Sunday night, so decided to get some good delivered to my hotel room. Used the Just Eat App and found this place. I had a cheeseburger with kebab meat and it was really very very good, both the burger and kebab meat were very good quality.
28/07/2018: Pakora vegetal es buena. El pollo Pakora no es la mejor pero no la peor. La comida en general es bastante buena. Vale la pena destacar es la salsa de curry y patatas fritas. Lo que tengo que decir es hora de su pedido. Conseguir la orden equivocada. En general, debido a la comida pase marcas y fecha de entrega.


Mcdonald's Restaurants

Anderston / City, Glasgow City
11/12/2018: Mi hija y yo tratamos de comer algo en un pub local sin éxito y cuando nos dirigíamos a Hydro, necesitábamos algo de comida. Opté por mi habitual cuarto de baño con queso, papas fritas, y Fanta y la hija comieron nuggets de pollo, lo siento, pero este fue probablemente el peor McD's en el que he estado. Aproximadamente una semana después, intentamos reservar Panevino sin éxito y optamos por no ir a McDonalds aunque estábamos hambrientos, fuimos al tren y nos fuimos a casa.
30/09/2018: 15 minute wait for a Big Mac- I should’ve taken a pack lunch with me.

Not rated

Home Style Authentic Indian Cuisine

Govan, Glasgow City
18/02/2018: El servicio es absolutamente impactante. Haga un pedido y tardó 1 hora y 20 minutos en llegar y me quedo a 3 minutos en coche. Cuando recibí mi orden no había ensalada en la hamburguesa de pollo, así que llamé y dije que no había ensalada. La respuesta que recibí fue: "la cocina cometió un error". Luego recibí una llamada telefónica. La tomé del propietario y me preguntaron qué estaba mal con la orden Le expliqué que quería ensalada pero no lechuga. Entonces, si no quieres lechuga, esperas obtener tu pepino, tomates y cebollas. El dueño me dice que es el único que compra un pepino y tomate para todo el día, así que, básicamente, durante 8 horas de pedidos, ¿solo tiene uno de cada uno? ! ? ! ? Dijo que luego dijo que lo mezcláramos, entonces, ¿qué pasa si soy alérgico a la lechuga y la has mezclado y la quiero separada, no la tienes? Para mí eso es patético y tampoco muy comprensivo como dueño del negocio. Definitivamente no perderé mi dinero allí de nuevo
13/01/2018: Bueno, Dios mío, soy un amante de la pizza hasta el día de mi muerte, pero abandoné la esperanza de encontrar un lugar como este nunca más. Muchos lugares a los que voy y las pizzas son horribles.

Not rated

Chicken Choice

Govan, Glasgow City
26/09/2018: The food was good n their lamb kebab come with fresh salad. It's a bit overpriced though for a reg kebab, but the quality was very good. I had chips topped with kebab which were so Delicious I'll try their burger, pizza and chips.Defo try out their lamb kebab. Hope they would improve the delivery, though.
15/08/2018: Food was delicious to be fair. I had the 1/4 peri peri chicken. Better than Nando's and really reasonable in price. Would order again.

Not rated

Eastend Tandoori Paisley

Paisley East & Ralston, Renfrewshire
08/11/2018: Have ordered from here for years and suddenly portions became smaller and smaller. The quality has went downhill also and any requests are completely ignored by the staff. I ordered a garlic naan and there wasn't even a smear of garlic on it. I will not be ordering from here again.
25/03/2018: We go here often . It is good service and great food ! Never has a bad meal . They have also made us something we asked for that wasn’t on the menu , Would highly recommend .

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