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The best restaurantsof chinese in the neighbourhood of Riverside South Wales

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Riverside Chinese restaurant

Riverside, Cardiff, 20-30£
08/08/2019: I revisited after a 12 month gap and the difference is remarkable. Having been a regular customer for 30+ yrs when they moved premises it deteriorated so.much that as I said earlier I stopped going but I am so glad I decided to give them another try. Tonight the food was great the service was super. I will b
04/08/2019: Possibly the worst takeaway I have ever had !!! We ordered for eight having previously eaten in the restaurant - what a difference. Flabby prawn crackers, low quality chicken and thick soggy batter in the sweet and sour chicken and sub standard crispy shredded beef. Pick any street corner take away and they will do it better at 2/3rds the price. An abysmal meal avoid


Happy Gathering

Riverside, Cardiff
09/08/2019: Me and my family go here as our go to Chinese restaurant and we always receive delicious food and lovely decor. If your looking for a delicious place to eat I would recommend this place. However the reason this isn’t 4 or 5 stars is because I regularly receive poor customer from the staff whether we don’t get served for half an hour after being seated or the waiters attitude towards the customers. I’m not saying that they should be begging to serve us or they should be pleased to but they just look like they hate being there which kind of ruins the lovely atmosphere they have going.
06/08/2019: There isn't a Chinese restaurant where I live for miles, just a couple of woe full takeaways. So I was really looking forward to my meal with my family here at the. Happy Gathering. It's probably 20 years since I last ate here and memories of large family gatherings were positive. But last nights meal was a big disappointment. Cantonese food is never awe inspiring at the best of times, I guess I've been eating it for a long time so there were no surprises on the menu. I'll single out one dish for a special mention because all of the others were bland and unremarkable. My daughter is a vegetarian and ordered a dish of deep fried dumplings with sweet and sour sauce. Obviously any run of the mill Chinese restaurant will have a vat of sweet and sour as we Brits love the stuff, but it was obvious that they didn't have any dumplings. The remedy for this was to get two wonton wrappers sling a spoonful of peas in the middle and chuck them in the fryer. If I'm wrong, I apologise for being cynical, but it's a terrible dish. If I'm right, shame on you. Dismal surroundings with sad looking goldfish lurking in dirty tanks as decor. This place has had its day.

Not rated

Hung House

Riverside, Cardiff
23/12/2018: We have had a takeaway from several times and have never been disappointed, food was to die for and lovely cooked. Which is why we keep coming back for more.
06/10/2018: Pedí una entrega a domicilio para ser entregados dado el total de 22. 00 que fue el exceso de tres artículos. El conductor del reparto me llamó para preguntar dónde estábamos en Cathedral Rd. Le expliqué a medias, pero su actitud era como si me estuviera haciendo un gran favor. Tenga en cuenta que Cathedral Rd es un camino muy conocido en Cardiff y que solo venía desde una milla de distancia. Cuando llegó a la puerta, tenía una nota de 20 y las 2 en cambio, compuestas por 50 p, 20 p, 10 p y 20 p en cobre, pensé que tenía más de 1 monedas en mi bolso, pero no las tenía. Lo primero que dijo de manera sarcástica fue: "Usted está pagando con cobres, ¿verdad? Lo encontré intimidante y grosero. Nunca ordenará una entrega a domicilio desde allí de nuevo.

Not rated

King Wok

Riverside, Cardiff
10/08/2019: Mi amigo y yo no nos vemos muy a menudo porque pensamos que los chinos son una delicia, ojalá no nos hubiéramos molestado, la comida no estaba bien preparada, sin sabor, casi pegajosa, y al día siguiente mi amigo tenía algo diferente. y ella dijo que la suya era horrible también es una pena, ya que siempre me gustaba cuando los dueños anteriores estaban allí
07/08/2019: Great food still hot when I got back to were staying 10 minutes walk will be back again had chicken curry and spring rolls bamboo shoots mixed rice 10 out of 10 and friendly staff

Not rated

New Champagne

Riverside, Cardiff
28/05/2019: This is one of the better Chese takeaways in Cardiff. Nowhere else comes close to their freshness. Food is always piping hot and tasty.
22/07/2018: Acabo de pedir un para llevar desde aquí. He sido clientes muy leales durante muchos años y esta noche noté pelos largos y cortos en mi pato aromático y carne picada. Dependen de ellos para decirles y afirman que hay chefs que usan redecillas para el cabello. Esto no puede ser cierto debido a la cantidad de pelos. Me pidieron que lo probara. ¡Horrible! ! ! ! ! !


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