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The best restaurantsof chinese in Hillingdon London

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Tai Pan Oriental Buffet

Uxbridge South, Hillingdon
17/03/2020: We went for Sunday lunch and the food is great. There is such a variety especially for veggies. The banana fritters are the best I have ever had! Sevice is great.Felt so sorry for them because hardly anybody was there due to the corona virus. People should support their Chinese restaurants
10/03/2020: Tuesday night, had a really warm welcome. The service from Josh and the team was first class unlike in most other buffet restaurants. Tried pretty much all of the food. The mussels were my favourite. Tasted really fresh. Also ordered 2 made to order seafood side dishes which were very tasty. Will be going back!


Yi Ban

Eastcote and East Ruislip, Hillingdon
09/05/2020: My favourite is the Magic Wok in the old High Street, Northwood, but it's currently closed. Yi Ban wasn't at all bad. The Special Fried Noodles had not been crisp as I had expected which was disappointing. The Char Siu pork was passable. I would order it again but I suppose I should not have thought it might be like I get in China Town London, or in Hong Kong. Chicken with cashew nuts was quite good. My only gripe. Too much soy sauce being used.
09/05/2020: I had ordered a takeaway from this restaurant in Eastcote! Food was just amazing! Love it! Thank you.


Tai Pan Restaurant

Northwood, Hillingdon
24/06/2020: Been here quite a few times now and also ordered take out..the owner and staff are v friendly and personable, introducing themselves and making sure everything is ok. Food is really v good and they have a good selection of vegetarian choices too. A bit pricier than your usual but Tai Pan and RC are both my favourites in the NW area
18/03/2020: I dined here yesterday with 3 friends, and we were celebrating a birthday. Especially amidst the chaos that COVID-19 brought, I thought it was important to support local businesses - what a mistake.The waitresses from the outset seemed very standoffish.The quality of the starters seemed to have deteriorated from previous visits, with an example being the sticky asparagus dish that is served in a stale basket. That aside, we thought it may be a one off and looked forward to the main course, which is where things went downhill.We ordered a black pepper mock chicken, noodle with beansprouts and vegetable noodle. The mock chicken came in a heavy soy sauce, with no sign of black pepper and an off taste, and the vegetable noodles came cold. On alerting the manager, he took back all dishes, so again we understood that they were at least taking corrective measures. The second time the black pepper dish came back, it was just the first version reheated with visible black pepper sprinkled on the top. The two sets of noodles were evidently heated in a pan, and came back burnt. My partner and I after tasting the mock chicken twice, quite honestly felt sick and alerted the manager although at that point we did not request a replacement. The vegetable noodles were replaced, and this time made fresh.We thought all in all, perhaps the place was having an off day - considering that even without the mock chicken and noodle with beansprouts on the bill (this had been taken off by management), the total still came to £95. The final part is what left us with the most bitter exit - I asked a waitress if we could have some more chocolate mints, and she stated that everything from that point on would be chargeable. I genuinely thought she was joking, but she reconfirmed and looked at us very angrily, before walking off. I alerted the manager and asked for an apology, which we did not receive - he stated he had fired her that day, but it seemed highly unlikely given she was still working that shift.All in all, a birthday ruined, we left still hungry and feeling fairly sick - would we go back, definitely not and for £95 it was not value for money.


Go Sing Chinese Restaurant

West Drayton, Hillingdon
21/02/2020: We eat here once month. If we cant get to eat there then we get a takeaway. The all you can eat menu is huge. This place is always very busy so the staff run around like crazy. This is why they could be seen as a bit unfriendly, but once you get your head around this, the food makes up for it 100%. Will keep going back.


Pangs Chinese Restaurant

Uxbridge North, Hillingdon, 45-60£


Tamara Lounge

Hillingdon East, Hillingdon, 30-45£
26/07/2020: Me and a few friends visited, we got told the waiting time was around 20 minutes, this was a complete lie as we waited over an hour! When we finally got in the service was awful, the shisha took almost an hour to come and wasn't the correct flavours! After speaking with the manager he did not seem to care at all and was very rude and obnoxious! We will not be visiting here again!
09/03/2020: Been before a few times , always had some issues but had to put it up today. Well for starters nobody to greet or sit u down have to stand there like n idiot then servers don’t even know if we been served then ordered frozen blueberry and was given something else. Asked to change and probably changed the foil n brought it back good came without full set of cutlery orders cook dint come had to ask after 10 minutes of food being delivered. Servers are busy either talking to women or among themselves which ain’t professional. Dint want to pay for shisha yet paid. Same happened on previous visit.



Northwood Hills, Hillingdon
01/08/2020: Mandarin used to be truly genuine Chinese from decorations, staffs, service, communication to food. Very well known locally and surroundings for it's authenticity but now it is talk of the town for how the new Indian ownership and management screwed it up. So many regulars are refusing to eat from the new Mandarin, more and more have agree and turned their backs to find alternatives. I was also a regular customer as eat in and takeaway for quick lunch/dinner, families, friends and business use for large parties.I knew the old owner and the management also got to know the new owner for a little and no management. I have waited a while to see if they would learn to change but only got worse with qualities, delays, over priced, dishonesty and basic hygiene problems. So for the 1st time review ever I am here to confirm and share my terrible experience.
14/07/2020: We visited the restaurant for the first time after moving into the area. The food was really tasty! We had salt and chilli tofu, aromatic duck wraps, the schezuan chicken which was so tasty and spicy (just how I like it), garlic rice and vegetarian Singapore noodles which were packed full of vegetables! We met the owner and our waiter, Rahul, who were so helpful and kind. They talked to us about the area and the restaurant, and were generally very personable and welcoming.Cannot fault the food or service.The restaurant looks great, had all the measures to make it a safe space with social distancing, alcohol gel, temperature checks and funky new panels between each table suspended from the ceilings. Very trendy looking restaurant.Will definitely be a regular restaurant we visit in the area.


London Hong Kong

Heathrow Villages, Hillingdon
27/02/2020: Eat here as we were staying near T5 for a morning flight and fancied something other than airport hotel food. Rotten night weatherwise so perhaps explaining the relative emptiness of this large 'trad' chinese restaurant space. We had some warming and tasty food (quite a choice of menus, with various languages) with prompt and helpful service.

Not rated

Yum Sing

Barnhill, Hillingdon

Not rated

Paya Ruislip

Manor, Hillingdon
03/05/2020: Had a take-away. Chicken and sweet corn soup so thick we had to thin it with boiling water just to get it on a spoon. Salty pepper ribs tasteless. Clearly no salt, pepper or garlic had been involved. Char Siu pork. Seven slices of very dry, overcooked, utterly tasteless pork, sitting on chopped cabbage. No sauce at all. Sweet and sour prawns. The sauce was so thin, they must have used all their cornflour in the soup, that it ran straight off the prawns. Other dishes equally rubbish. We only bought from Paya as my local and excellent take away, The Magic Wok in Northwood High Street is closed due to the virus. Paya should be closed too.

Not rated

Mandarin Chinese Take Away

Yiewsley, Hillingdon
29/04/2020: Have ordered loads of times, but tonight has put me off,over cooked chicken,big bits of veg,to he honest in these times I would expect first class food,but you have let me very down, I have also had put my ribs in the oven as uncooked onions in ribs,I don't think i will be ordering again,see pics,and your customer service needs to be Looked at,the lady on the phone didn't seem to care,offered me 50% of next time,so I returned the food for a full refund,even then the lady didn't seem to care.SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO TO A PLACE THAT TAKES PRIDE IN THEIR FOOD. STAY AWAY

Not rated

Good Luck

Botwell, Hillingdon

Not rated

Pangs Cottage Restaurant

Yeading, Hillingdon, <20£

Not rated

Tao Peking

West Ruislip, Hillingdon

Not rated

Water Palace

Yiewsley, Hillingdon

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