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The best restaurantsof american in Chichester South East

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The Gatehouse

Chichester South, Chichester, <20£
24/01/2018: I have been going to Cineworld for a long time but we usually eat in the neighbouring restaurants. This is our first time to eat in Gatehouse. At first we thought we will be waiting for a long time before our food is ready but we were all surprised that after less than 15 minutes from ordering the food started arriving! Each plate was well presented, the taste was so good and the portion was more than enough. The chips was one of the best I have tried. Every single potato was crisp and tasty. Ordering the food was so easy as well as they have the app for customers to order their food. We didn’t feel pressured into making quick decision on what to order (we often cant make up our mind on what to order). The best thing about this was the total amount. I thought with six meals all with a drink or two and a dessert, it only came up to over £50 after tax! I had to take another look before paying because I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. The staff were so friendly as well and accommodating. He waited until we all had our meals and made sure we got everything we needed before he left. I would highly recommend this place when you next visit Chichester or surrounding area. Its a nice, clean friendly place. Great affordable food and fantastic staff. We will be coming over here again for sure
07/01/2018: Great food, fantastic service, staff really friendly and price unbelievable. Place was clean, lovely atmosphere we will be back again


Real Burger Kitchen

Chichester South, Chichester, <20£
10/02/2019: Popped in here for lunch and it was excellent. Burger was superb, great atmosphere with music and exceptional service. Will definitely be going back
27/01/2019: We have eaten here several times before and it has always been one of our go to's! Recently it seems to have had a revamp. We were seated and attended to quickly, but from here the positives ended. When our food arrived, the order was completely wrong so I was given a beef rather than chicken burger. They took my burger back to remake it which left my partner awkwardly sitting there feeling like he couldn't enjoy his meal. He was a good half way through his meal before I received the correct burger. The food was okay but nothing special. We were not checked on after this mistake and there were also no apologies. At the end of our meal we waited but our plates were not cleared so we walked to the counter to request the bill. This is where it got truly bad - because the man behind the counter carried on making his coffees and then the bill for the coffees, he then went into the kitchen and back, and then without even saying anything or acknowledging us to this point, shoved us our bill and told us the card device was contactless. Nothing was taken off our bill, no asking if our food was nice, no asking how our experience was, nothing. I have worked in service for several years and know that mistakes are made but it takes very little to completely change the mindset of customers if a mistake has been accidentally made. Had a small piece been taken off our bill, or even some pwnership of "oh how was your food?" it would have completely changed our experience. I am heavily pregnant and could not be bothered to argue the bill - we paid full price (almost £30) for an experience that left us both wishing we hadn't bothered. Really big shame as this restaraunt used to be amazing.


Smith & Western

Chichester South, Chichester
10/02/2019: Instant decision made today to visit Smith and western in chichester.very pleasant staff member at the desk helped to book a table for us.served by Jez, who seems to be a wonderful and friendly human being who made us all happy.their extra gesture when serving the dessert made a surprise experience for the little one on this special was excellent ,we all enjoyed it.the place is still keeping its charm and quality.thanks again to Jez and his colleagues for their kind consideration and make us happy.
04/02/2019: We phoned and asked if we could book the jail for my four year olds birthday, we were told this was no problem but had to be here by 5pm & out by 7pm. We all finished early to get there for 5, however were told on arrival that we couldn’t sit in the jail when we got there, as a bigger table had taken priority. We definitely weren’t warned over the phone that this could happen, and wouldn’t have cared if we had of been told this could happen, we just wouldn’t have spent the week getting my four year old excited about sitting in the jail. All of the smith and western parking was taken so had just spent over £10 on station parking, and so couldn’t go elsewhere by this point. We were taken to a table up three stairs, pulled our pram up and all sat down, to then be told buggies couldn’t be there, as they blocked the aisle and that we had to move, carrying the buggy back down. We then had to wait for another table, to be told that we did have a really nice table to begin with, had we not been 30 minutes late. We weren’t late, and pointed out that even by this point in time we were not 30 minutes past our booking. The waitress realised she was wrong about our booking time but didn’t apologise, just told us that was what her manager had told her! We complained about the poor communication of the jail booking, to be told there was a restaurant of 200 people and that she couldn’t make everyone happy. Honestly, we would have been fine about the miscommunication, and then moving around for tables, had somebody just once said they were sorry, or been smiley as oppose to eye rolling. Despite this, once we were seated we were served by two extremely lovely waitors, who were really brilliant & very friendly. Everyone there seemed lovely, except the lady who originally served us & the food was good too!



Chichester South, Chichester
14/02/2019: Quiet mid afternoon weekday, just a handful of customers, restaurant was untidy, food waste on tables and floor, whilst the staff chatted at the serving hatch.Eventually a young male trainee came out to empty the overflowing bins, he had no disposable apron on or gloves.As he removed overfull liner it’s contents spilled over the floor ,food debri soiled tissues etc so he scooped it all with his bare hands , took the sack to the outside bins and returned.He went straight through the staff door to the serving area and immediately took an order for ice cream without stopping to wash his hands.It made me feel sick , l binned the remainder of my meal and left in disgust, l shall not return.
09/01/2019: I always say you can judge a place by its cleanliness. Dirty uncleared tables Loos - Dirty, uncleared, no loo roll, wet floors. Never ever. again.

Not rated

Florence Park Cafe

Chichester East, Chichester
06/05/2018: Sunny visit for some cake on the way home. Tasty slice along with ice cold drink. Friendly staff. Lovely setting for families. But I loved it for me on my own.
03/03/2018: Love this place, good food, friendly and attentive staff. Reasonable cost and perfect any time of the day to stop and rest a while


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